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Cars to get safer from July 2019

In a major change to car safety rules and regulations, the government has approved various new safety measures such as airbags, reverse parking alerts, speed warning systems, seat-belt reminders, etc. All cars produced after July 1, 2019 will be mandatorily required to have these features. The introduction of these mandatory safety features has been finalized and it will soon be announced by the road transport ministry. The move will seek to reduce the number of road accidents and the number of injuries and fatalities. Often, people try to save on costs and do not choose safety features that are optional. However, once the safety features are made mandatory, people will have to follow it. This will help prevent accidents and save lives as well. It may be recalled that presently, only luxury cars have such features.

One of the major causes of accidents is over speeding. In 2016, total road accident deaths were 1.51 lakh and out of these over speeding alone had caused 74,000 deaths. Over speeding creates a threat to the occupants of the car as well occupants in other vehicles and pedestrians. The over speeding audio alert device will be mandatory for all cars manufactured after July 1, 2019. The device will give warning when the speed exceeds 80 kmph and grow in intensity. At 100 kmph, it will become louder and at 120 kmph, it will give non-stop speed alert. Experts said that the new safety systems will increase the price of cars, which may be a problem for consumers.

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