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Case of mistaken identity: Snapdeal gets battered for Snapchat’s follies

There is invariably no connection between Snapdeal and Snapchat, even though the names are slightly similar. And the similarity should have ended at that but many people got confused and ended up boycotting Snapdeal, when the original controversy was related to a statement made by Snapchat’s CEO. The controversy was created when a former employee of Snapchat claimed that Snapchat’s CEO does not want to expand operations to India since it was a “poor country”. This statement was strongly criticized on social media and people began boycotting Snapchat by uninstalling the app and posting negative comments.

However, not everyone was targeting Snapchat. Turns out that many people thought the campaign was against Snapdeal and started uninstalling the Snapdeal app. The matter has been reported and people are trying to inform others who may have got confused between Snapchat and Snapdeal. The blunder may have occurred due to preconceived notions since Snapdeal had earlier courted controversy when its brand ambassador Aamir Khan had commented about growing intolerance in India. Meanwhile, Snapchat has rubbished the claims made by its former employee.

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