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Cashaa gears up to fight starvation during pandemic

Announces the initiative – CryptoagainstCovid to feed and adopt underprivileged families in India

Patna – In the covid times, when people are facing all sorts of challenges including dearth of food, medical equipment, medicine supply etc, a lot of gig workers who had lost their livelihood have been struggling to survive. Amidst these challenges, Cashaa – a crypto friendly neo banking group, has announced an initiative called ‘crypto for covid ‘. Through this, the startup aims to build a community of crypto enthusiasts wherein each organisation or enthusiast operating can adopt an underprivileged family and provide them with the food supplies for a month. Under the initiative Cashaa team is also providing curated ration kits that can feed a family of 4 for up to 2 weeks.

The initiative has been launched by Mr. Kumar Gaurav who realised that every day around 13,364 are succumbing to covid. Simultaneously, more than 12,000 people are dying from hunger which too is a direct result of the havoc wreaked by the pandemic.

“While covid warriors are fighting the disease, a parallel action needs to be taken to catalyse the survival of the ones dealing with the issues that come along with this pandemic. It is impossible for one organisation, or government to serve all. Hence, there will always be a need for one more initiative to make a little more difference, for the very survival of all. Hence, I urge all my connections to join this initiative of ‘crypto against covid’. Those who can adopt a family, and support them with the basic necessities that are required to sustain, please do so,” said Mr. Kumar Gaurav- Founder & CEO, Cashaa- crypto friendly neo-banking startup.

The initiative has already enabled the support for a number of families in Rajasthan. Mr. Kumar Gaurav has personally pledged to support 1000 families on date to begin the initiative, after which these families are getting the benefits and hope until the lockdown ends. To grow this initiative . Cashaa India has decided to extend the support to 2000 more underprivileged families in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

The initiative has seen interest from foreign crypto players also to support the cause in India. Cashaa aims to gradually reach the kind of community strength to support at least one 100,000 families under the initiative at the earliest. The brand has also launched a helpline number to facilitate the initiative in a better way. The helpline number is 8239411411.

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