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Many small businesses fail because they are in an ‘adventure mode’

In the last few years, you may have observed that most small entrepreneurs take a lot of risk and many of them still remain in the mode of adventure. In this particular pandemic it is very important for small businessmen to realize that without having a proper revenue or creating value in business, one should not take an unwanted risk. ... Read More »


13 Voyage, an Open Art Studio redefines the journey of a brand or creation through the lens of creativity! Proudly established by the Photographer Duo – Prachi Shukla & Shikhar Shukla, 13 Voyage has come a long way in narrating brand stories through their photography. Rolling back to an era of vintage Kodak cameras, when our parents utilized the camera ... Read More »

Lending-as-a-Service – Opening New Avenues for Banks

According to Market Force, in 2018 nearly 25% of account holders visited a branch to open a new deposit account while only 19% visited to apply for a loan. Tech-savvy customers are adopting digital banking methods and like to bank from the comfort of their homes rather than visiting a bank’s branch.  The changing customer expectations and market dynamics require ... Read More »

Electrify with the best aluminium

With the fast-growing population and the need for simultaneous economic growth under the current situation of our country, the need of massive electrification has emerged to be the most basic need of the hour and we all need to understand it as it is the only best possible way to get ourselves at the height of prosperity and development where ... Read More »

5 best robotic cleaning assistants for this festive season

Since Diwali is around the corner and cleaning is a must for this festival, most of us still scared of the idea to ask cleaning staff for help. Due to such a problem, you cannot refrain yourself cleaning home this festive season. So, now is the time to switch from the traditional ways of cleaning to modern solutions with the wide range of robotic ... Read More »


Opening a café is a fantastic business idea because who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee? Coffee is the gateway to great conversation and share bonds. To start a café means to serve the customer with an opportunity to brighten their days. Opening a café sounds lovely until you realize how much work is involved with the process. Read ... Read More »

How to Save Money on Truck Fleet Insurance

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If you manage a fleet of trucks, you’ll know that insurance can be one of the biggest expenses to pay. And cutting down costs can be one of the biggest challenges involved in running a fleet. You may want to keep insurance costs as low as possible, but it’s not always that easy when you need to ensure that you ... Read More »

Financial factors to consider while buying a new car

Buying a new car is exciting – or should be! Of course, this entails financial implications to a person or family who is making the decision. Therefore every person needs to consider the financial factors before making that big purchase. Be sure to consider these six things by CarDekho while buying a new car: Planning the finances The primary factor ... Read More »

NPS Tier II account – Why should you have it?

The National Pension System (NPS) offers two types of accounts: NPS Tier I and NPS Tier II. Tier I is a compulsory pension account while Tier II is an optional facility provided to NPS Tier I account holders which can be opened at the discretion of subscriber. Benefits of NPS Tier II:  1. Ease of account opening: You can activate ... Read More »

Improving Exports in Covid-19 era: Things to keep in mind

No doubt the coronavirus pandemic is an unforeseen and unprecedented situation that has turned everything upside down. And like every major disruption, it is majorly pushing the boundaries of reliance. Exporting is a vital source of economic growth for a country and small and medium enterprises account for a substantial amount of Indian exports. As the economy is slowly and ... Read More »

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