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Lithium The New Oil – Which Country Has Highest Lithium Reserves?

If we look at per capita oil production, it becomes clear why countries like Kuwait, UAE, and Saudi Arabia are so rich. However, as is common knowledge, the world is transitioning to an all-electric ecosystem. While the previous century was predominantly oil-based, the 21st century will see exponential growth in electric ecosystem. To support this ecosystem, the world will need ... Read More »

What is MCX? How does it work?

trend success meter

There are a lot around in the world of trading that people are unfamiliar about. It can be internationally renowned such as Forex trading, or something which is most probably region trading exchange. One such example is Multi Commodity Exchange is also known as MCX. It is an Indian based Exchange business registered from Bombay Stock Exchange (BSC: 534091). It ... Read More »

Secure Your Family’s Future with Term Life Insurance Policy

life insurance policy pnb met life

We work hard every day to provide for the needs of our loved ones. This also prompts us to think about the uncertainties that the future may hold. We worry about the wellbeing of our family members in case something unfortunate happens to us. If you are experiencing something similar, it’s timeto apply for a life insurance policy. Getting a ... Read More »

Bitcoin Trader: Advantages of trading with bitcoin

bitcoin trading

Recent research has now shown that in each month, close to 55,000 new retailers worldwide accepts to be paid through bitcoins for the goods or services they offer. Well, since the virtual currencies have quite a unique nature thus providing you with some great advantages that you can’t get from using other currencies. Digital currency is still a new concept ... Read More »

5 benefits of getting comprehensive auto insurance

burning car

Comprehensive auto insurance is an effective coverage that solves the small problems we face, however, these small problems can be very tedious at times. Never the less, the popularity of standard comprehensive coverage is immense in the insurance world and is not easier to get all the time.  Comprehensive car insurance in Pakistan pays to repair only a few, very ... Read More »

Investing in Gold & Silver Coins – What You Need To Know?

Investing in Gold & Silver Coins

Over and above being one of the most collectible and valuable of the precious metals, silver is a necessary component in many everyday electronics which will only serve to increase its value well into the future. Because the price of gold keeps rising, more typical investors are looking to silver to vary their investment portfolios. The technology sector continues to ... Read More »

Gold demand to bounce back after budget: World Gold Council

In a statement, Somasundaram P.R., Managing Director, India, World Gold Council, has said that the gold demand in India will bounce back after the budget. He said that gold demand had been affected due to demonetization, but now it is showing signs of revival. He was also confident that demonetization will have a positive impact on the gold industry in ... Read More »

Indian households have record gold hoard of Rs 24,000 tonnes worth $800 bn: WGC Report

The World Gold Council has released a comprehensive report on the Indian Gold Market announcing that Indian households are the world’s largest hoarders of gold. They hold a record 23,000-24,000 tonnes of Gold worth of at least $800 billion. The value would be substantially higher in the rupee term. The central bank of India has around 557.7 tonnes of Gold ... Read More »

Branded Gold Coin are exempted by 1 per cent Excise Duty – CBEC Notification

Good news for those who love to buy branded gold coins as central board of excise and customs well known as CBEC has reduced 1% Excise Duty charged on Gold coins. As per the notification, Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) told Excise Duty will be zero on gold coins which are either carrying the purity of 99.5 per cent and above ... Read More »

General Travel Insurance Vs Student Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an imperative part of any trip. It offers an insurance cover against unforeseen medical and non-medical emergencies that may arise when you are away on a business or a leisure trip. On the other hand, student travel policies are one of the types of general travel insurance and offer students an excellent financial protection while travelling overseas ... Read More »

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