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Foreign Direct Investment

Here comes the government…. promising an era of “ache din.” Look at what they are doing or what should I say what they are buzzing FDI (fastly deviating India). I think FDI is not only correctly pronounced at the various podium by any of our leaders, but it has been wrongly interpreted, subsidized, and presented in India. It has now ... Read More »

Export and Import scenario of India & Related Economic Strategies

frontier market index

Export & Import are the two major activities that contribute to the growth of the economy of any country. They are also the major contributor to the GDP growth and reason for the foreign currency flow in any country. As per the report of Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) 2019, India is considered as one of the fastest growing economies ... Read More »

Budget 2019: Assessing Impact On Key Industry Sectors

union budget

At the time of budget, all eyes are usually on the stock markets, which are considered a barometer for assessing investor sentiments, state of economy in general and potential impact of government policies. If we rate budget 2019 based solely on that criteria, then obviously it has failed to cheer investors. BSE Sensex tanked 395 points and Nifty closed 135.60 ... Read More »

It’s true! Women have a better approach to investing

career women

As more and more studies show, women are great are investing and financial planning. And we do it by just being ourselves.  Women are naturals at investing. So why don’t more of us do it more often? Despite having worked in financial services for nearly a decade years, I’m still surprised that not only are there fewer women fund managers, ... Read More »

How To Know Your Tax Liability And Save Tax With Income Tax Calculator

Paying taxes is every citizen’s responsibility, but if you are not careful, you can end up paying more than what may have been necessary. A number of tax saving options are available under Income Tax rules and you need to utilize these to the maximum. As part of your financial planning, you should begin by ascertaining your overall tax liability. ... Read More »

How to file the GST Returns?

gst newspatrolling goods and service tax

Under GST Laws, the correct and timely filing of returns is of utmost importance because of two reasons:- Under GST Laws, a taxpayer is required to estimate his tax liability on “self-assessment” basis and deposit the tax amount along with/before the filing of such return. The return therefore constitutes a kind of worksheet/supporting documents for the tax authorities that can ... Read More »

Why invest in the stock market?

Investing In Stock Market

Investing in the stock market is not generic, that is, there is no single and exclusive recipe that works for everyone, simply because we are not equal, and we do not react in the same way to the same stimuli. Before I start I would like to ask you a question why did you decide to learn to invest in ... Read More »

What Is A Demat Account and How It’s Different From Trading Account

demat account

For beginners, stock markets and stock trading can be a steep learning curve. However, it’s not rocket science and the workings of the stock markets can certainly be mastered with practice and patience. People are usually attracted to stock trading, as it offers significant earning potential. To ensure the best possible returns from stock investments, beginners first need to know ... Read More »

How Blockchain brings innovation in Staffing Industry

Frequently associated with the term Bitcoin, Blockchain is a disruptive technology which is now making grandeur entry in all major market domains. Blockchain tech collects and stores the information in certain blocks, and time stamps it on a distributed and encrypted ledger. Immensely popular as the cornerstone of virtual currency, Blockchain technology and algorithm is now being used in almost ... Read More »

400 Pound Loan for Everyone

lady with computer internet digital

These days availing a loan has become a trend among people. These cash options are designed keeping people’s needs and demands in mind. Among those finances, 400 pound loan are fabricated for those people, who want funds for a long time period and also who are suffering under the charge of poor credit history. Bad credit is curse for those ... Read More »

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