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50 Pound Loans – Instant Money in Your Pocket

career women

Life repeats its toughness time to time. If a person is not prepared for it, he has to face dire circumstances. Sometimes, poor budgeting becomes the main cause of financial failure. A broken vehicle, tuition fees, much needed medical attention, unpaid bills raising its hood; these are some of the reasons that create a lot of imbalance in our mind. ... Read More »

Microfinance lends a support to women entrepreneurs

micro finance

Kamaljeet Kaur is a resident of Kashipur in Uttarakhand. A few years ago, Kamaljeet’s family was undergoing a financial crisis. Her husband runs a flour mill shop and the income was not enough to meet the expenses related to basic needs of her family and education expenses of her four children. She reached out to Fusion Microfinance, a Non-banking Financial ... Read More »

Secure Your Child’s Future with Child Investment Plan (ULIP)

ulip child investment plan

As parents, we have great hopes, dreams and aspirations for our children. We want our children to become successful in life and have all the things they need and desire. Towards that end, we work hard every day to ensure that our children have access to top quality education in the best schools. However, our efforts may not always be ... Read More »

Best Investment Options to Start Saving for Long Term

piggy saving newspatrolling

Saving and investing every month is a habit that you should master as it will help you build a sizeable corpus for the future. However, investing for a long-term requires a great deal of patience, dedication, and to a certain extent, persistence. Furthermore, for an average investor in India, there are plenty of investment options to choose from. As a ... Read More »

Bitcoin Trader: Advantages of trading with bitcoin

bitcoin trading

Recent research has now shown that in each month, close to 55,000 new retailers worldwide accepts to be paid through bitcoins for the goods or services they offer. Well, since the virtual currencies have quite a unique nature thus providing you with some great advantages that you can’t get from using other currencies. Digital currency is still a new concept ... Read More »

Convenient ways to File ITR for FY17-18

income tax filing

With the arrival of the last month to file tax returns without penalty, timely filing is to be ensured to avoid last minute rush and mistakes. Tax filing has become much easier and is no longer a monotonous and mind numbing process. The process has become much more convenient not only for e-filing of returns but also for tracking refunds ... Read More »

NBFCs growth increasingly driven by AI & Big Data

reliance money logo

NBFCs are building best-in- class technology to automate the entire process of lending – right from loan origination, customer on-boarding to loan disbursement Non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) today are playing a large role in meeting the financial needs of businesses and individuals who have traditionally remained un-served or underserved by the banks. Couple of years back these NBFCs would have ... Read More »

ई-फाइलिंग — टैक्स रिटर्न करने का नया डिजिटल तरीका

income tax filing

  डिजिटलाइसेशन की ओर बढ़ते हुए, भारतीय कर विभाग ने भी इसमें तेजी पकड़ ली है।  ई – फाइलिंग एक ऐसी  प्रक्रिया है जिसमे आप अपने कर कागज़ात , इंटरनेट के माध्यम  से  इनकम टैक्स डिपार्टमेंट में जमा करा सकते है वो भी कोई  और कागज़ात जमा कराए बिना। ई  टैक्सेशन का एहम मकसद है नौकरशाही सेवा प्रणाली को बदलना ... Read More »

The “Logan Paul” Marketing


We’re all familiar with the basics of marketing (if not, we have kotler, don’t we?) .  Not just kotler, we have soo many other books to read on marketing , branding , advertising , selling , negotiation etc. But many of these books miss out on something that is very important in today’s glo-calized era. “Building YOURSELF into a BRAND” ... Read More »

Fixed Deposits Are a Must fora Balanced Investment Portfolio

fixed deposit

Fixed Deposits (FD) are considered as one of the safest investment options since the returns are guaranteed. This is why most people prefer to invest in fixed deposit. FDs also help to balance the investment portfolio, which may comprise a mix of varied investment avenues such as equity, mutual funds, gold, real estate, PPF, etc. Another great thing about fixed ... Read More »

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