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Ensuring growth for the women workforce in your organization

Women empowerment is a massive subject with a simple motive – upliftment of the women counterpart. Today women are a part of most industries; some leading and some growing. It becomes crucial to ensure that the entire workforce is highly motivated and determined towards a single objective. Several factors play a vital role in building an organization and having a ... Read More »

How Twitter Makes Money?

Founded in 2006, Twitter is a popular social networking and micro blogging platform. Twitter is currently one of the fastest ways to get news and updates, as posted by news agencies, celebrities, politicians, government organizations, businesses and other entities. Twitter has millions of active users, which makes us wonder how it generates income to support its wide technology infrastructure. To ... Read More »

Creative Business Labs makes a strategic choice for the Thinkwise Low-Code Platform

Creative Business Labs is expanding its partner network with Low-code software vendor Thinkwise The strategic partnership with Thinkwise is a foundational building block to CBL’s offering for modern application development and Legacy Application Modernization. The Thinkwise low-code platform enables at least ten times faster development cycles and an unrivaled approach toward extending the productive life of core systems while achieving the highest ... Read More »

Covid 19 ups demand for efficient last mile delivery and intra-city logistics

From making remote working a norm to bringing about a radical shift in the way consumers shop, COVID 19 is being regarded as a black swan event for the global economy. Even as traditional businesses took a hit due to the pandemic-induced lockdown, the changing landscape acted as a major catalyst for digital transformation across business and delivery models. COVID ... Read More »

Rebel Foods – Company Profile

Rebel Foods (originally Faasos) is the world’s largest internet restaurant company. It initially started operations in the domestic market and later expanded operations to international locations. In India, Rebel Foods has presence in 35 cities. International locations include UK, UAE and Indonesia. The company operates more than 320 cloud kitchens across three countries and has over 3000 internet restaurants. Through ... Read More »

Rapyd – Company Profile

Rapyd is a leading UK based payments platform that specializes in providing Fintech-as-a-Service (FaaS) to global enterprises. With its range of fintech applications, Rapyd helps organizations to focus on their core business instead of going through the usual hassles of building infrastructure for financial transactions. With Rapyd, businesses can access a range of benefits such as process payments in local ... Read More »

Preparing for the Unknown: 3 Tech Trends to Ensure Success in 2021

The past year has been perhaps one of the most unpredictable in decades. From calamitous climate events to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting economic fallout, it has been a year centred around survival and adaptation. The insurance industry experienced arguably the most dramatic shift in 2020—digitizing operations to enable remote working, processing a significantly larger number of claims, and ... Read More »

Bare Aluminium Wire – Key Quality Assurance Parameters At Bansal Dhatu Udyog

Bare aluminium wire has emerged as the preferred choice for a wide variety of domestic and industrial applications. It’s cheaper, lighter yet strong, has good thermal and electrical conductivity and is 100% recyclable. However, a lot of depends on the quality of bare aluminium wire. To ensure that you get the right quality, it is necessary to get bare aluminium ... Read More »

7 Amazing Tips to Start Your Own Real Estate Agency

Starting any business can be a very challenging task. Even the thought of it sparks confusion and worry over the entire process. Running a real estate agency can be a profitable business if it is operated efficiently. Besides running a real estate agency, you can also start moving services. You can gain customers faster as you can advertise your moving ... Read More »

Dr Rajat Gupta, a board certified plastic surgeon, and as is Patients call him – An Artist!

Confidence is the most beautiful thing that any man / woman can wear! Plastic surgery can help improve a person’s confidence by allowing them to meet their aesthetic goals. It is righty said, Plastic surgery is a gift to the world that bestows the geometrical perfection and harmony to a human face & body. For many, visible and inherent flaws ... Read More »

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