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Which Is The Oldest Company In United States

Businesses come and go and it’s quite difficult to predict how long they will last. This is especially true in 21st century, when technology advancements can make a business redundant in a very short span of time. Hundreds of businesses shut shop every year and hundreds of new ones are launched to take their place. This is an endless cycle ... Read More »

How to build digital resilience for your business

Digital Resilience is the design and implementation of business processes, a digital eco-system against cyberattacks, to ensure businesses function seamlessly. The term is more relevant, more so in the present, where the COVID-19 crisis has changed the priorities across the board. Covid-19 exposed the limitations of several businesses – process, structure, and also the business model. Companies are adopting to ... Read More »

Top 10 Uses Of Bare Aluminium Wire – Bansal Dhatu Udyog

The third most abundant element on planet earth, Aluminium has emerged as the preferred choice for a wide variety of industrial and household applications. Aluminium is preferred due to various reasons such as its durability, flexibility, strength, corrosion resistance, recyclability, thermal efficiency and electrical conductivity. It is currently the most produced non-ferrous metal, having surpassed copper in mid-twentieth century. Depending ... Read More »

How Paytm Money empowers new investors with zero commission Direct Mutual Funds

train ticket booking paytm

  – Offers cost-effective investment options that are better than Regular Plans – Returns on direct funds are higher when compared to regular funds from the same mutual fund  – Expense ratio for direct mutual funds lower than regular plans as there is no commission involved  India’s homegrown digital financial services platform Paytm’s wholly owned subsidiary Paytm Money is empowering its users with zero commission ... Read More »

What Happens If You Become Bankrupt?

As life is quite uncertain, bankruptcy can strike anyone, anytime. There have been several cases in the past when even wealthy people have declared themselves bankrupt. When you are certain that you will not be able to pay back your creditors, you can approach a court to declare your bankruptcy. So, what happens after you declare yourself bankrupt? Are your ... Read More »

Significance of Corporate Due Diligence Before Major Decisions on Joint Venture, Partnership, M & A or Investment

  Entering into any big-ticket business decision – whether on joint venture, acquisitions, partnership or investment – without a proper due diligence measure is always fraught with huge risks. And when some companies make such a silly mistake and don’t bother to find out about their potential partner, you know they are sliding down a rabbit hole and making things ... Read More »

From Where Countries Borrow Money?

People borrow money from banks, financial institutions and family and friends. Businesses borrow from financial institutions and they can also raise money by selling their shares via IPO. But where do countries / nations borrow money from? Well, when it comes to nations, there are a number of options available for them. For better understanding, let’s take a look at ... Read More »

Tax Benefits for investing in NPS

One of the biggest challenges of the working population in India, is to maintain a means of monthly income post their retirement due to cessation of salary from employer or income from employment. Individual working in the un-organised sector are more vulnerable of securing retirement income as compared to government servants. It is therefore essential for individuals to take an ... Read More »

1mg – Company Profile

1mg is a leading online consumer healthcare platform, a one-stop shop for all heath needs. The company offers a range of services such as home delivery of prescription medicines and healthcare products, online doctor consultation, and lab tests. The company sells all types of medicines on its platform including allopathic, homeopathic, ayurvedic, vitamins and nutrition supplements. Most of these products ... Read More »

When Someone should take Health Insurance

health insurance

There are some things for which it is always the right time. Getting health insurance is one such thing. Our family’s well being is the most important thing in life, and it is also the main reason why many of us work long hours in demanding jobs. Unfortunately, it is increasingly expensive to take care of our medical needs, and ... Read More »

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