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What is the OECD Test for Schools?

Educators in the US are increasingly facing the challenge of preparing their students not just for life after school but also for success in an economy that is increasingly global in nature. This means that comparing results at the local or country level is no longer enough, teachers must have access to international standards to truly understand how their schools ... Read More »

Which Aptitude Test Suits You?

The key distinguisher that separates a regular, hardworking student from a ranker is that the latter knows one’s strengths and weaknesses. At an early stage, if a learner figures out which study area needs improvement, dedicating requisite efforts becomes easy. But, how do you figure out whether a certain concept or topic needs improvement? A simple answer to that is ... Read More »

5 key reasons for you to take an aptitude test!

1. Know Your Career Options: Aptitude tests are usually taken with the aim of identifying students’ potential. The test scores help the aptitude experts in assessing and suggesting the right career options based on the skill-set of the students. Besides, the result also boosts their confidence in striving hard to achieve their career goals. 2. Unbiased Tests: Aptitude tests remain ... Read More »

“Teachers: Reshaping the future while leading in a crisis”

Disruptive, stressful experiences are often great enablers of growth.The pandemic has forced all of us to work remotely, which has compelled us to explore different ways to teach, learn, track progress creating new metrics for teaching, new parameters for learning, keeping in mind—the core traditional learning requirements. Embracing Technology  With the onset of the pandemic, teachers all over the world—embraced ... Read More »

Class 10 Science Exam – Most Important Topics

online class learning teaching

Class 10 is the base of your future. The marks you will obtain in your class 10 will stays with you for life long. Every college, every organization as well as each company asks for your class 10 marks. Whether you will go for your higher studies or start your job with any company, your class 10 percentile is asked ... Read More »

RBI Assistant Exam: How to prepare in 30 days?

The exam is conducted by RBI to select suitable candidates for the post of assistants in various branches and sub-offices of RBI across India. It is a highly competitive exam. If you clear the exam, you can work for the RBI and move up the ladder and prosper in your career.  The exam consists of a preliminary exam and the ... Read More »

The Future Status of Learning Cannot be Status Quo in 2021

While the second wave of Covid-19 is quickly receding, and a new school year for students around India has begun, we need to take stock of the status of learning in our country. The majority of students in India have now been out of school for nearly 16 months and the future is still quite uncertain.  India needs to ensure ... Read More »

Why should HR leaders rely on intelligent automation for organizational growth?

By Vicky Jain, Founder, uKnowva, A 360- degree HR Automation Software A study conducted over six continents, involving six hundred HR Information Technology (IT) and HR leaders by PWC revealed that process automation or intelligent automation (IA) is the key area of focus for 45 percent of the participants. Intelligent automation of human resources, according to expert technologists, has the ability ... Read More »

The growth of Podcasting and the career opportunities around


Article Inputs from – Varun Duggirala – content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur, and personal development pundit The growth of podcasts and their audience over the last few years, especially the previous year odd, has its roots in a unique phenomenon taking over the world of content. It’s built on what can be called “Passive content consumption”. Unlike video and written content which ... Read More »

How to become a certified (Certified Information System Security Professional) CISSP professional?

Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) Certified Information System Security Professional certification (CISSP) is very salient, important and modish certification for general cybersecurity knowledge. For network security there are numerous IT companies which consider CISSP a base need for employees. The CISSP certification is one of the toughest, vigorous and desired certification. This certification challenges you in different cybersecurity domains ... Read More »

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