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NOC Technician job Role and Responsibilities

If a company has an Internet problem, you can contact the Network Operations Center (NOC) where the NOC team can help diagnose and solve the problem. The NOC specialist is responsible for the preventive maintenance of various network applications. These specialists specialize in computer knowledge, troubleshooting and daily troubleshooting. Duties and responsibilities of NOC employees: NOC Technician work in many ... Read More »

Figuring Out Your Career in 2021

Don’t be afraid to experiment whenever the opportunity arises. Online classes, workshops, reading books, and YouTube tutorials can help you become a better student. You may discover that digital marketing, Python programming, or UX design are your true passions by taking these chances. Taking advantage of the countless options, like pharmacist jobs, available for learning new skills today gives you ... Read More »

5 key reasons for you to take an aptitude test!

1. Know Your Career Options: Aptitude tests are usually taken with the aim of identifying students’ potential. The test scores help the aptitude experts in assessing and suggesting the right career options based on the skill-set of the students. Besides, the result also boosts their confidence in striving hard to achieve their career goals. 2. Unbiased Tests: Aptitude tests remain ... Read More »

Why should HR leaders rely on intelligent automation for organizational growth?

By Vicky Jain, Founder, uKnowva, A 360- degree HR Automation Software A study conducted over six continents, involving six hundred HR Information Technology (IT) and HR leaders by PWC revealed that process automation or intelligent automation (IA) is the key area of focus for 45 percent of the participants. Intelligent automation of human resources, according to expert technologists, has the ability ... Read More »

The growth of Podcasting and the career opportunities around


Article Inputs from – Varun Duggirala – content creator, podcaster, entrepreneur, and personal development pundit The growth of podcasts and their audience over the last few years, especially the previous year odd, has its roots in a unique phenomenon taking over the world of content. It’s built on what can be called “Passive content consumption”. Unlike video and written content which ... Read More »

Skill reforms 2021: From more job-guaranteed courses to developing entrepreneurship skills

At a time when the spotlight is completely on building India Aatmanirbhar, the youth of the country needs skill that makes them self-confident, self-reliant and also future ready. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led new education policy has been prepared keeping in mind the current needs of the education system. Our PM has recently emphasized that the second biggest focus after ... Read More »


The outbreak of COVID-19 has not been kind to most of the sectors in India. The absence of a vaccine and hovering risks around associated with precautionary guidelines is continuously hurting these most operational sectors in India. One obviously being schools. Almost all students have been affected due to the delay in education that this pandemic has brought about. It ... Read More »

Is Technology Destroying or Creating Jobs?

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Every single technology dystopian movie, has preyed on a single human fear – when computers take over, human beings will become redundant. The Matrix trilogy, Terminator, Robocop, I-Robot, or even that disaster of a film where human beings aspired to a crime-free world by arresting “criminals” on their potential to commit crime; all spoke to that fear of computers tyrannically ... Read More »

How to Be Financially Stable When You are Losing Your Job

In amid of the pandemic, your employer can make you redundant anytime because of the economic uncertainty. When cash is not coming in, it is hard to pay the staff. When your employer asks that they need to move the furniture around, you might get shocked because your job may be the only option to live off.  You might be ... Read More »

Children with cystic fibrosis suffer mild illness from Covid-19

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Children with cystic fibrosis who do not have pre-existing severe lung damage have mild or asymptomatic illness when infected with Covid-19, a new study has revealed New Delhi, December 10th, 2020: The first global research, published in the Journal of Cystic Fibrosis, to look specifically at the response of children with cystic fibrosis (CF) to infection from Covid-19 assessed the outcomes of ... Read More »

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