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Supply Industry Auditing: Improve Performance, Capability and Quality Standards

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In this highly competitive world, it is important for your supply chain business to build a base of vendor partners that can meet your production requirements, like design and quality, and requirements for product delivery. Continuous evaluation using supply audits and factory audits are the important component of the evaluation process. The important factors ProQC consider while auditing supply industries ... Read More »

NTSE 2018-19 : Last minute tips to ace the examination


One of the most prestigious exams at the school level – NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) Stage -1 is around the corner. Successfully clearing the two stages of the exam not only makes you eligible for the scholarship, but also boosts your confidence for the exams in future. Besides, NTSE scholarship is a wonderful point to have in one’s resume. ... Read More »

How to Apply for Study at Universities in France 2019

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Every year, there are countless students that opt for universities in France. This is due to the phenomenally low tuition fees as well as the numerous extra-curricular activities that France offers, apart from the rich history. Study in France is an alluring option for so many people. For that purpose, mentioned hereunder is the outline of the admission cycle for your study ... Read More »

How to Survive a Workaholic Boss?

Some bosses are quite easygoing and it’s a pleasure to work with them. However, there may be times when you may have to work with a workaholic boss. These are the people who seem to be always engrossed in their work. Even during weekends, they might send you emails expecting you to respond or they may even call you to ... Read More »

KVPY – Research oriented scholarship program – Success Tips

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To promote and encourage students with research oriented careers in basic science courses, The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India conducts a National Level scholarship program for the students of Class XI and XII. Student who qualifies for KVPY receives a monthly scholarship upto their pre- Ph.D. level or 5 years whichever is earlier. The exam is administered ... Read More »

How Mobile Technology is changing the Face of Education Sector

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Mobile Technology has and will to continue to changes in all the business industries. Just like the role and importance of technology in each sector of life no one can deny the importance of mobile mobile technology in the education sector. Mobile Technology is flourishing and it is playing a great job in the education field also. In fact mobile ... Read More »

Handy Tricks to Crack Olympiads & Emerge as Winners

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Before heading towards a fruitful tomorrow, it is important that you have a streamlined and well-organized today as it is going to mend your ways in future. Academic Success is the dream of every serious student, however, to make it come true, it is important to have road map and unwavering schedule or a strategy in hand. Similarly, if you ... Read More »

Opportunities At Overseas Education

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Education is an important part of any individual’s life span. It not only helps to kick-start a flourishing career but also widens the horizon to give a positive outlook to one’s personality. Students today are readily opting for higher education in a foreign destination. However, the plethora of options and too many choices make this dream a challenge for many ... Read More »

GMAT Integrated Reasoning – A Comprehensive Overview


You want to get into the top B-school of your choice, and there is one thing between you and your dream – the GMAT. An important section in GMAT is IR. The Integrated Reasoning section (IR) was included in the GMAT back in the year 2012. There was a small doubt, however, whether schools actually look at the IR scores ... Read More »

Vital Point to Consider When You Choose a Homeschooling Program for Your Kids

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Parents that have decided to give homeschooling to their children do have valid reasons, and the number of parents into homeschooling is gradually on the increase. The most common reason parents give for making this choice for their kids is that they have lost confidence in the public-school system, and they want to monitor the education of their children and ... Read More »

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