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Popular Mythical Demons from Greek Mythology

big insects

All the way from closed spaces to towering heights, from giant insects to taxes, the real world serves more than just enough to get you all startled. Allow me to take you on a tour to the realm of the fanciful and help you explore some of the most terrifying demons from Greek Mythology.   The Sphinx: The first creature ... Read More »

Memes: How it all started?


If you are using the internet more often than not, you definitely must have come across memes; they are just everywhere and growing stronger with every passing day. Did it ever occur to you that where have they actually started from? What is the story behind this internet famed concept? The most interesting thing where from did the word ‘meme’ ... Read More »

Here is Why Balloons Make for an Amazing Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day balloons

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you are probably looking forward to it. And irrespective of your gender, you want this Valentine’s Day to be extremely special for your love. But, how to make an ordinary date on the calendar so special? Well, definitely with your efforts. And when it comes to efforts, there is certainly no upper limit. ... Read More »

5 Benefits of listening to music

music digital

This morning I woke up feeling inspired, but when I sat down in front of my computer everything changed. It was as if all that inspiration had come out the window. What can I do now to inspire me? I started looking around my office and came across the headphones that were placed on my desk. Definitely music is one ... Read More »

Rabbit Run, one-of-its-kind run for kids to promote athletics. Did you enroll your kid yet?

Rabbit Run

Rabbit Run is aimed at being the first serious run for kids on a big scale. Creating a running brand primarily for kids would resonate with kids. The underlying idea is not inspiring to win, but to participate. The key goal was to get kids excited about exercise and to change the perception that exercise was hard work. And to ... Read More »

Top 5 Birthday Party Food Ideas


Everyone loves an amazing birthday party with games, presents, friends, and most of all yummy food. With everything going digital as technology takes over the general lifestyle, it is essential that you know that throwing a birthday party today doesn’t involve loads of chores. All you need to do is pick up your smartphone and look through the list of ... Read More »

Tips to Increase Pre-Event Attendee Engagement

engagement party people enjoying

Business events are the best platform to engage more manufacturers to get inspiration and knowledge about the latest demand of the customers respectively. There are different types of things or strategies we use to generate impressive profit for business growth. It is really very impressive toget participation in the business event to meet and generate sufficient contacts for future business ... Read More »

Popular YouTube channels to watch this weekend

you tube

Is there absolutely nothing to do this weekend? Are you super-bored and wish to utilize the time to do something productive? Then, here pops up the list of all the popular YouTube channels that you might love to check out in your pastime this extended week. Superwoman: Subscribed by more than 14 million people, this channel found its name amongst ... Read More »

Types of Guitar Every Guitarist Should Know


Do you dream of becoming a guitarist? Do you love playing the guitar? If you are fond of playing a guitar then you should know about the various types of guitars available. Most people know about two to three types of guitars. However, there are plenty of guitar types about which most people don’t know. Most people know about the ... Read More »

What is Digital Music Industry?

music digital

Indian Digital Music Industry has grown tremendously in recent years. As the world second most populated country and having numerous movie industry, and music lovers, India have potential to have such growth. Although there were the development of smartphone and high speed data providing so many companies, absolutely india is a potential market. So in just simple, what is digital ... Read More »

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