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Science and Technology

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Science and technology are types of information used for various purposes inside society. Science is information that society uses to comprehend the normal world while technology is learning that society utilizes to survive the characteristic world. Utilizing these definitions, it is comprehended that society fills in as the scenery for these types of learning to engender and that these ought ... Read More »

A folktale of two brothers played by Indian and Korean young actors

Musical ‘Heungbu, Nolbu’ was presented in 4 Schools in Delhi NCR by Korean Cultural Centre India New Delhi, 24 Aug: A musical folktale from across the sea was presented by a special troupe of Indian and Korean teenager artists in coordination with Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) at Delhi NCR schools. 12 Korean artists of ‘Theatre Seoul’ group from South ... Read More »

Survive English Lingo coz u r in d txtin era!

“Speech that came like leech-craft And killed us almost, bleeding us white! Textese that came like filthy-draft And killed us almost, stating it right!” When you stretch that sullen face when someone is typing, typing, typing to send this malnourished message, “Plz cum asap. Ive sumthn 2 gve u” Are your veins taut when you receive a cheesed off textese ... Read More »


Every morning , I start my day with a cup of hot steaming tea and a newspaper. One morning , just like my normal morning I started reading newspaper while drinking my favourite adrak wali chai . I read ‘‘today is a black day for every Indian in our country’’. I shockingly looked at the newspaper and found that day ... Read More »


   It is only for that one night. It is happening for last 6 months. 14thnight of every month in that village two old people are commenting suicide. Nobody knows about the reason behind this. The Government sends  many special teams to that village, but, that special teams don’t want to leave that village. But only one person in one ... Read More »


I despise her. Yes, she triggered phobia in me. I envy her. She is young and innocent. She hasn’t suffered my agony. She dreams. Her hopes remain kindled. She is daunting and always ready to play the gamble. She trusts people and loves everyone. Her heart is warm and the smile is charming. She is everything I am not. The ... Read More »

The Liquor Ban Real Estate Story – Highway to Hell?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling banning the sale of liquor from establishments located within 500 meters of the National and State highways, a new real estate dynamic is at play. Two different categories of establishments have been impacted, with corresponding effect on real estate: F&B outlets located within malls and stand-alone restaurants located along ‘within city limits’ highways Liquor ... Read More »

7 problems every foodie relates to while going out with friends

Are we talking about food? Oh!! That is what I see everywhere. Yes, I am a foodie. I love eating, and getting fat is the least of my concerns. My only dream is to wake up to a platter full of yummilicious food and sleep with a delicious cup of sundaes and waffles. Oh so yummy!! However, apart from being ... Read More »

Remembering the beautiful college days

It has been aptly said that ‘college life is the best part of your life that you are going to relive in your memories till you breathe’. It indeed is the most beautiful part of anyone’s life, and so has been mine. But the first day that I walked in my college, it was an entirely new place for me, ... Read More »

How technology is affecting human behavior

We have been saying and believing in the fact that we use technology to ease our life; but if we actually come to think of it we can see how we have been slave to technology. We are constantly using our mobile phones, spending hours on laptop, using various apps for easy services, and other significant ways in which we ... Read More »

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