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Pop Dhoti and South-India

My Appa wears dhoti only when he is in his ancestral house in Kerala. He has stuffed his wardrobe with both ‘lungi’ and ‘dhoti’. But I have not seen him in dhoti in the hottest metro.  Is he embarrassed to tie a four-yard long piece of white cloth? I am puzzled. Men found in western outfitting like pants and trousers ... Read More »

Valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day celebrations did not catch on in India until around 1992. It was spread due to the programs in commercial TV channels, such as MTV, dedicated radio programs and love letter competitions, in addition to an economical liberalization that allowed the explosion of the valentine card industry. Economic liberalization also helped the Valentine card industry.  The celebration has caused a ... Read More »


Life is what we make. We all hear this many times but can we really believe on this quotation. Answer is there in our mind. What is that? Most of the people believe that we are what Life makes us. Is it so? Yes to some extent. But it doesn’t mean that we should go where life takes us. This ... Read More »

Can love be arranged??

Love is a feeling of affection. It is a strong sense of attachment for others, be it living or non-living ones. It can be an emotion for oneself, other fellow humans, plants, animals, food, cars, books, sports and what not. It is a feeling of sheer joy and ecstasy for one to experience and cherish. And, anything from which one derives ... Read More »


In flat life there will be happen happiness and sadness in daily  nithya feels like she is good and telling truth and create problem in others family.she itself not live with her mother in law made her heart feel and living with her husband and son.she don’t know how to cook and she give a worst the owner of ... Read More »

Characters of an Individual has link with the cousin brothers and sisters

Vinay is an city guy he had love failure and he couldn’t able to forget the girl at the mean time he married another girl.he couldn’t able to find the physical fitness of the girl friend in the married girl and due to that he did not accept his wife.he felt that her colour complexion and structure did not attract ... Read More »

Story of glory

The heights of greatman were not reached by sudden flight,but they while their campanions slept were toiling upward in the night is the quote which suits for people who do hardwork to succeed with winning moments.harini was a hard working girl who spends each and every moment for ganing knowledge and then she spends that knowledge in creative and innovative ... Read More »

Dullness in studies lead to Failure of creating Next generation

IF Intelligence is 20% ,emotional intelligence should be 80% will develop a person to be an brilliant guy. If one is less then it lead to failure in its Educational Back ground. Every person should have an IQ test to calculate the knowledge and individual bagged from Education.We can not comment success but success often command to those who dare ... Read More »

I Saw My Angel

Morning of June 18th 1991 was very special to me as I woke up with a dream of my Dadu (Paternal Grand Father) waving me goodbye. We had just returned to Pune from his place, Giridih, the previous evening accomplishing a mammoth journey of three days and two nights. Mom deciphered that my dream implied, I had been missing him. I ... Read More »

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