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Why You Need To Sweat Every Day?

Sweating may not be a good experience. It’s sticky and makes a mess of our clothes and overall appearance. But we should thank evolution for sweat, as its one of the most important bodily functions that keeps us alive. Sweat is a mechanism that cools us down and helps regulate body temperature. Every human on an average is born with ... Read More »

Simple ways to cope with anxiety during Covid-19 pandemic

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Have you been suffering from repeated spells of anxiety? People with anxiety, particularly overwhelming anxiety can often get trapped in a cycle or a loop of negative thoughts. An individual may experience various different triggers that set off an anxiety attack. Situations that spark uncertainty about the future, such as the ongoing pandemic, can worsen symptoms. A trigger can be ... Read More »

A Comprehensive Guide To GI Surgeon

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A GI doctor or gastroenterologist is a professional who treats all digestion-related problems. If you have trouble swallowing, frequent diarrhea, stomach pain, piles, ongoing constipation and heartburn, you need to visit the best GI surgeon in Kolkata or other parts of the country. Gastroenterologists have extensive knowledge of all body parts that aid in digestion. These specialists treat all these ... Read More »

Conquer Brain Cancer


Every year on June 8th, World Brain Tumor Day is celebrated. The German Brain Tumor Association initiated this campaign, which is now celebrated globally to raise awareness and educate people about brain tumors. There are many misconceptions and myths concerning brain tumors among the general public, so we’ll use this chance to clarify some of them. Working with your medical ... Read More »

Importance of healthy and hygienic food

In businesses, food safety and hygiene are of utmost importance as it helps to guard the health of consumers from food-borne illnesses and food poisoning. Sickness occurs when food becomes contaminated by bacteria, viruses, and other germs, making those people unwell who consume the contaminated food. Food safety is important to push the good health of the population. Also, safe ... Read More »

Smoking and Covid 19 can overburden your lungs

The lungs were not given the importance as they ought to be until the second wave of Covid 19 surfaced. They are often taken for granted. The wellness of lungs is given priority only when any complication arises. Lungs are the vital organ in our body that converts the oxygen from the air which we inhale and transfer it to ... Read More »

Black Mould” [Mucormycosis] – the Dark Side of At-home and Self-COVID-19 Treatment

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In fact, it’s not just this particular bug that we need to be concerned about. There are other cousins of mucor lurking in our environment, waiting for the perfect storm of a host to take residence in. Ever wonder what that black powdery mould that you find on old bread is? It’s Mucor, it’s Aspergillus, it’s Penicillium– all of these are ubiquitous in our environment ... Read More »

Lockdown diet:  Nutritious foods that must be a part of your child’s diet

Authored by – Ms. Edwina Raj, Senior Clinical Dietician, Aster CMI Hospital The ripple effect of COVID -19 has created a fear among parents to safeguard the lives of their children in the upcoming days. While parents and guardians are taking all the possible measures to ensure that their little ones are protected, while staying indoors, keeping a watch on ... Read More »

7 Proven Tips To Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug addiction has become a common problem nowadays, especially in teenagers and young adults. It is a kind of disorder that affects the individual’s behaviors and neuro functionality. And the victim loses control to use legal as well as illegal drugs. According to the research, there are around 10 million drug abusers in India. Also, Punjab tops the list when ... Read More »

Risk factors of tobacco consumption leading to cancer

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Contributed by Dr. Shantling Nigudgi, Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist, HCG Cancer Centre Kalburgi Tobacco usage is a leading cause of cancer and death. But it is important to understand that it also leads to several other diseases and can damage nearly every organ in the human body, including the lungs, heart, blood vessels, mouth, skin, eyes, and bones. Smoking not ... Read More »

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