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Deprived sleep can lead to diabetes, say doctors at Columbia Asia Hospital

Lack of sleep is one of the potential risk factors for diabetes Eventual deprivation affects levels of hormones and metabolism Less sleep elevates the level of stress hormones, that further hinders the functioning of insulin Ahmedabad, Nov 2015: With the rapid increase in incidence of diabetes, the metabolic disorder is fast gaining the status of an epidemic in India. According ... Read More »

World Diabetes Day : top 5 do’s and don’ts

Do’s 1)      Eat at regular intervals to keep the sugar levels consistent and avoid hypoglycemia. 2)      Eat natural – Say no to processed food. Prefer whole grains/splits to flour 3)      Eat as much vegetables as you can ,but reduce potato and other starchy veg. 4)      Practice portion control. 5)      It is important to incorporate exercise into daily lifestyle (5 days of walking for 45 minutes) ... Read More »

How to keep your employees stress free at work

A highly competitive workspace, hovering deadlines and a pressure-cooker like environment are realities of our time. Our highly connected lifestyles have magnified work stress with long working hours, disturbed sleeping patterns, sedentary lives and lack of relaxation. Resultantly, most working professionals today are stressed and suffer from symptoms such as backache, neck pain, headaches etc. The resultant stress not only ... Read More »


If you are looking for a wonderful and easy way to keep yourself glowing till the end of the season, here are a sparkling and useful festive makeover tips that you can follow. Hydrate your skin by Drinking a lot of water  Before applying all your makeup, make sure your skin should be properly clean. Use a good, gentle exfoliator and ... Read More »

Making a difference by bringing heart-patients and hope-givers together

New Delhi, October 11, 2015:To provide life-saving medical treatment to newborns and children suffering from congenital heart diseases, ‘Heart to Heart’, a fundraising event, was organized at the G.B.Pant Hospital by DoctorsForYou – US, a non-profit registered in the USA and with members in both USA and India. Dr. Sanjay Tyagi – Director, G.B.Pant Hospital – was the Guest of ... Read More »

76 % parents think that children are most vulnerable to dengue

but 9 out of 10 parents lack knowledge about dengue mosquitoes Reveals a report by Godrej and Nielsen at the launch of Subah bolo Good Knight campaign  India, October 1: India is today the epicentre of the global epidemic of dengue, harbouring the largest number of dengue infections in the world. Dengue has become hyper-endemic in the country, and its incidence ... Read More »

Ist October is celebrated as WORLD VEGETARIAN DAY

If you are vegetarian or interested to shift to VEGAN diet there are many health benefits and also few concerns. As a Nutritionist , I would like to highlight the health benefits and the nutrients which  give a miss while you follow a vegetarian diet . Weight Loss:  Plant based meals have high fibre which gives good satiety value . ... Read More »

Jawline correction, the new in thing for men

What is the most prominent feature that comes to your mind when you visualize the faces of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, Akshay Kumar or John Abraham? Besides their striking eyes, a strong well-defined jawline is the constant in all of them. It is an accepted fact that a strong jawline defines the face more than any other single feature does. A chiseled ... Read More »

From Treatment to Prevention: Containing the Heart Disease Epidemic is Possible with Simple Lifestyle Changes

At a special interactive session at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon, leading Cardiologist Dr. Tapan Ghose, Director and HOD, Cardiology discusses the pertinent issue of cardiac disease prevention   ‘Coffee with Cardiologist’ is an initiative by Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon to raise awareness among people about prevention and treatment Gurgaon, Sept 19, 2015: It is not every day that patients, families and other health conscious people get to ... Read More »

Metropolis Healthcare presents alarming findings of PLAC Test

33 % samples between 30 – 50 years at high risk of developing heart attack and 36% samples at moderate risk New Delhi, September 22nd, 2015: Cardiovascular disease emerged as India’s top killer around the mid-1980s and ever since, it has been a growing threat. According to the recent WHO data, one in 3 Indians succumb to cardiovascular diseases and ... Read More »

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