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World First Aid Safety Day: First aid measures for Common Injuries

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Article by Dr. Mohammed Imran Soherwardi, Consultant – Emergency Medicine, Aster RV Hospital First aid is the immediate treatment given to the victim of an unexpected health issue, in order to save their life or keep the situation from worsening until a medical professional is able to see them. Having basic first aid skills can come handy as emergency situations ... Read More »

Chronic pain emerging as major health problem in India, but less invasive procedures offer hope

More than 19% of Indian adult population today suffers from chronic pain of some kind, with prevalence being higher in females (25%) More and more young people have also begun to suffer from chronic pain due to unhealthy, physically inactive lifestyle For most cases of chronic pain, less invasive and non-surgical interventions are better alternatives compared to open surgical methods ... Read More »

A Healthy Nutritional Diet During Lung Cancer Treatment

Dr. Esther Sathiaraj, Head- Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, HCG Cancer Hospital Bengaluru Lung cancer is the most common cancer worldwide involving genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors. The treatment can cause a burden of healing that can overwhelm even a healthy patient’s nutritional reserve. Amongst all, nutritional factors are of utmost importance including diet, alcohol intake, body weight and physical activity. ... Read More »

Women Above 35 Should Opt For CA-125 blood test To Rule Out Ovarian Cancer: Suggest Doctors

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Pune: Ovarian cancer cases are rapidly rising in India owing to the lack of awareness, late detection, and treatment. Women above 35 should go for the CA-125 blood and transvaginal ultrasound (TVUS) as recommended by the doctor. Also, avoid neglecting symptoms such as pelvic and abdominal pain, bloating, or frequent urination. Prompt diagnosis of cancer at an early stage is ... Read More »

Dispelling Common Myths Regarding Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery? What is it actually?  Does plastic surgery means that it involves ONLY making you look beautiful or is there MORE to it than what actually common do people think? The purpose of this article today is to bust the myth that plastic surgery is only cosmetic surgery and to let all know that there is much more to ... Read More »

Timely diagnosis of stroke can prevent patients from paralysis and death

Remember the 6S method and rush to the hospital Advanced treatment modalities can successfully treat stroke patients – Dr Shailesh Jain, Principal Consultant, Neurosciences, Max Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi Brain being the most enigmatic and important organ of the body is kept well protected on all sides by the skull. Yet with bad lifestyle and pertaining ailments, it may ... Read More »

Prostate Cancer: Know Its Warning Signals And Treatment Options

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Introduction:   Prostate is a small walnut-shaped gland in males that surround urethra just below the urinary bladder. It produces seminal fluid that nourishes and also transports the sperms. Prostate cancer usually grows very slowly and may not cause any symptoms initially but in due course, it leads to symptoms.   Incidence/Magnitude:   Prostate cancer is the commonest male cancer in the West ... Read More »

PCOS Leading Cause of Infertility Among Women

· 60% of women suffering from PCOS manage to become pregnant without any medical assistance · India has witnessed a spike of 30% in PCOS cases in last few years, a trend that got exacerbated due to the lifestyle changes enforced by the pandemic BENGALURU / September 7, 2021 – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is the leading cause of female ... Read More »

How to Take Care of Eyes Daily

By Dr Ritika Sachdev, Additional Director, Center For Sight Our eyes are what enable us to see the world every day. Sometimes we can take them for granted and stop caring for them, which can lead to problems with our eyes or even worse, with our eyesight.By adhering to a daily eye care regime, you will have not only healthy ... Read More »

Tips from the Nutritionist – Oasis Fertility for National Nutrition Week 2021

The nutrition required for a woman across her pregnancy life cycle – what should she eat from her first trimester after she conceives. Pregnancy is the most memorable journey of a couple, which is the transition from a couple to a family. Everyone takes care of the pregnant lady as she goes through emotional imbalance and lots of cravings. However, ... Read More »

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