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how you can exercise your way to a good night’s sleep

Every year, since 2007, March 19th is observed as the World Sleep Day to increase awareness around the importance of healthy sleep. This year the theme for World Sleep Day is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future.’ In order to lead a healthy life, a good night’s sleep is extremely crucial. However, an alarming number of people currently struggle to snooze at night. ... Read More »

Tips to handle emergency situations effectively

stress upset fever

Emergency situations often come without any warning and most of us are unprepared or unsure about handling them. Grasping the situation quickly and responding to it in time in a right way is crucial to manage emergency situations. Therefore, knowing the basic tips is always handy and help in saving lives. In one such case, Abdul, 54 years old received ... Read More »

Are Humans Designed To Eat Meat?

As humanity continues to face increased challenges on health and environment, the debate among vegetarians and meat eaters is getting louder and louder. Each group has their own arguments and they back it up with loads of scientific data. So, who is right and who is wrong? Well, this is not so easy to answer, as the truth is that ... Read More »

Late night use of electronic media devices causes male infertility claims study

The next time your partner brings his Smartphone or tablet on the bed in the night – you just make him stop doing that as it not only kills the mood but it may cause huge harm to his sperms too. A recent study, shared at the Virtual SLEEP 2020 meeting, found a significant association between evening and late night ... Read More »

Tried and Tested Tips to Revive Dull Skin

Does your skin lack glow and radiance? Are you frustrated with waking up with flaky and dehydrated skin? If yes, then you are suffering from dull skin issues. Glowing skin is what every one of us desires. But a lot of factors can contribute to your skin losing its charm and glowy appearance. So, if you are the one struggling ... Read More »

Should You Marry Your High School Sweetheart?

Most of us have memories of our school days and there’s usually a story about our crush or a relationship that blossomed during those wonder years. In most cases, such stories end with time, as we go through college and start with our professional career or business. However, you will be surprised to know that there are some folks who ... Read More »

Most Weird Marriage Laws Around The World

The institution of marriage is an important part of societal structure, which exists in most parts of the world. While customs and traditions related to marriages vary, the common thread is the union of two individuals. Celebrations and coming together of families, friends and relatives is another thing that’s common among marriages across the globe. However, based on what part ... Read More »

Reduction Of Breast Size In Men With Gynecomastia Surgery

Do you feel embarrassed going out because you have enlarged breasts? Not only you, there are many men and boys who face the embarrassment of the enlarged breasts. Not all men have enlarged beasts. The reason for enlarged breasts is the increased breast gland tissues which are found in men and boys which is known as gynecomastia. You should blame ... Read More »

*Dr. Shankar Iyer’s tooth for life program teaches people how to maintain healthy teeth*

“Keep your Teeth for Life” is the slogan Dr. Shankar Iyer a prominent Prosthodonist who specializes in teeth replacement and dental implants utilizes in his lectures.  Dr. Iyer’s approach has attracted several dentists all over world to rethink how dentistry should be practiced.  When ever one visits the dentist, it is always associated with pain, noise and the fear of ... Read More »

Myths related to skin ph and facts that bust them

It is imperative to pay attention to your skin as it should not only look good on the outside but be healthy on the inside as well. The term ph expands to potential of hydrogen. Numerous skin care experts and specialist have told us that our skin is naturally acidic with the skin ph of average human being 4.7. This ... Read More »

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