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Are you sure your kid is learning and not gaming?

By Dr Sundar C Ingaleshwar, Consultant, Pediatric intensivist, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur (A unit of Manipal Hospitals) The pandemic has changed the entire learning scenario for students. Many schools are conducting online classes. This has increased their dependency on the electronic gadgets like desktops, tabs, laptops and smartphones. More exposure to electronic devices and lack of offline classes has ... Read More »

Covid positive moms should continue breastfeeding

mother feeding baby

:There are lot of anxieties and fears among lactating mothers regarding breastfeeding when they are Covid positive. They are unsure if they are risking the health of their child by breastfeeding and holding the child so close to them. Many families in fact tend to separate the mother and child in such cases and don’t allow both to come near ... Read More »

Don’t judge your kids: A mom shares her parenting wisdom

children kids tention stress anxiety

Article Inputs from – Ms. Geeta Ramakrishnan, Ontological Coach, and Author I believe the one thing that positively impacts your children’s life is their level of confidence. They look up to you and expect your appreciation in whatever they do. As mothers, we want to offer the best to our children in any given situation. This puts stress on us, wanting ... Read More »

Children and Covid – An expert advice to safeguard them

By Dr.Sagar Sharma,Consultant – Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Columbia Asia Hospital SarjapurRoad (A unit of Manipal Hospitals) Spread of corona virus infections among children has been a major concern. While there is some talk of the third wave and its resultant impact on kids, we won’t have any reasons to worry if suitable health protocols are followed along with timely vaccinations. ... Read More »

Rise in Anger and Tantrums Towards Teachers And Parents

children kids tention stress anxiety

Author: Vahbiz Kerawalla, Student Counselor, Student Wellbeing Centre, Jasudben M. L. School. For years we bombarded them by saying ‘the internet is a dark place, nothing good comes out of it, your phone is corrupting your mind’ then we encourage them to seek this medium for learning.   Most children, to escape their feelings of loneliness, sadness, worries, and helplessness, started ... Read More »

Tips to Overcome Anxiety in Youngsters

By – Dr. Priya  Kaul Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach Most citizens are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because of the present pandemic situation. It is said that many feel unhappy all the time due to uncertain situations like the second wave lockdown. People are stressing and constantly thinking that they might get affected by Covid-19. It is also very difficult for ... Read More »

10 fun-filled Breathing Exercises for Kids

Article by Palak Dengla, Senior Physiotherapist, Aster RV Hospital The Covid virus can mutate rapidly which means it can attack newer hosts faster than before. While the Covid virus targeted the older population during the first wave, the second wave has been found to affect more of the younger working population. It is expected that the third wave will affect ... Read More »

7 Common Parenting Myths

To handle, and lives characterized by fulfilment and perfection. We have compiled a list of myths to debunk and make life easier. Myth 1: Baby spoiling comes from holding them too much. There is no such thing as being too tactile when a baby is a newborn. Having been held in utero for nine months, they need snuggle time. So ... Read More »

5 platforms to keep your kids engaged in this summer vacation

As the current situation is of self-isolation and social distancing which means that outdoor activities – the mainstay of children’s evenings – are a strict no  This includes park playtime, museum visits, shopping expeditions, and classes for sports, art, and crafts. In short there summer vacation has started but they have to stay at  home  Getting involved in activities outside of school regular learning helps ... Read More »

Tackling the Ongoing Challenges of Online Classes for School Students

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone, students included. It is now almost a year since schools shifted over to the online platform of education in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now, while most students long to return to the familiar environment of school, the timeline for them (particularly of primary and middle schools) to return to regular schooling ... Read More »

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