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Envy adds two new deodorants to its collection under the names Rouge and Bleu. These premium deodorants are targeted at the ever demanding millennium men who have the taste for rich and fine fragrances. If you ever wanted to get your hands on those exotic French perfumes your wait has ended. The premium deodorant brand ENVY has introduced two deodorants named – Rouge and Bleu, with ... Read More »

Nail Art and Paints to Be Worn This Fall

nail art fashion tricks newspatrolling 6

Women love fashion naturally. It’s something that is in them. And when it comes to staying at par with the contemporary fashion and style trends, the Internet is your go-to resource. Internet is the place where you can catch up on all the beauty and fashion trends that are in vogue. We all have subscribed to the fashion and beauty ... Read More »

Hair Nourishment

aroma leaf amla shampoo newspatrolling top beauty blog

Aroma Leaf, the leading manufacturer of Herbal Products has launches Amla Shampoo that provides total nutrition to the hair while making hair strands strong and shiny.  Amalgamated with the purity of Amla extract and Aloe Vera Gel, Aroma Leaf Amla Shampoo fights hair fall and controls dandruff issues. The combination provides total nourishment to the hair and removes excessive oil while maintaining the natural ... Read More »

Product Review: ViJohn Shaving Foam

vijohn shaving foam review newspatrolling

Vi-john shaving foam offers you three different types of foams and make your regular shaving experience more luxurious and it provides your skin total protection does not harm your skin in any way. Mentioned below are the types of shaving foam offered you by Vi-john: VI-JOHN SHAVING FOAM FOR HARD SKIN VI-JOHN SHAVING FOAM FOR SENSITIVE SKIN VI-JOHN SHAVING FOAM ... Read More »

Review : Himalaya Beauty products

himalaya anti herbal hair cream newspatrolling

HIMALAYA TAN REMOVAL ORANGE FACE WASH It comes in simple clear plastic tubethrough which you can clearly see the colour and the quantity of the face wash. If you are travel loving person and tired of getting tan then you can keep this Himalaya tan removal orange face wash in your bag wherever you go and use it as per ... Read More »

Fragrance which defines your persona

Fragrance which defines your persona temptation

Vanesa has introduced a new brand under its umbrella called ‘Temptation’ for women adding to Floral Extra ordinaire series of Eau De Parfums. Temptation is the new line of perfumes and has three fragrances under it named Temptation Sassy, Temptation Grace and Temptation Vogue.  Sassy, true to its name, is full of spirit. The top notes contain rose and freesia with richness of cedar ... Read More »

Product Review : MamaEarth Lip Balm and Massage Oil for Babies

mamaearth lip balm lifestyle products reviews newspatrolling

In this winter, it’s not an easy task to choose the spot on lip care and soothing body massage oil products for your child. Most of the baby products, be it cream or shampoo or body massage oil or anything, is restrained with toxins which have proven to be damaging for the little ones. Therefore mamaearth’s Natural Lip Balm series ... Read More »

10 Easy Ways to Delay the Onset of Wrinkles

10 ways to delay wrinkles newspatrolling

A healthy skin that defies age is everyone’s envy.  But ageing is a natural process; we can delay it, but cannot stop it indefinitely. Genetic make-up, heredity, lifestyle all determines ageing. With age, the connecting fibres of our skin — collagen and elastin, break down, giving us fine lines and wrinkles. Here are 10 simple things by Dr. Prabhu Mishra, CEO, Co-Founder, StemGenn Therapeutics you ... Read More »

Place that unites the family

places that unites family newspatrolling

A dining area is a room where the members of the family will have food at all times of the day. In ancient days there used to be a separate room for dining that has a large dining table and the chairs around it. In modern days the dining area is adjacent to the kitchen so that it is easy ... Read More »

Fresh, Tastier & Healthier Food with LG’s New Linear Compressor Technology

High-tech Inverter Linear Compressor now available in ALL LG Top-Freezer refrigerators newspatrolling

High-tech Inverter Linear Compressor now available in ALL LG Top-Freezer refrigerators Stocking up your refrigerator with the freshest, most nutritious food items is certainly a healthy choice. However, maintaining the freshness, texture, taste, nutrition and longevity of food items has always been a challenge. Conventional refrigerators are just not designed for such purposes. Keeping in mind the health needs of ... Read More »

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