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Should You Forgive A Cheating Partner?

It can be an emotionally overwhelming experience when you come to know that your partner has cheated on you. First comes shock and disbelief, followed by a mixed bag of pain, anger, sorrow and other negative emotions. If you have been faithful to your partner and have trusted them, their act of cheating can leave you shattered. Some people take ... Read More »

Should You Marry Your High School Sweetheart?

Most of us have memories of our school days and there’s usually a story about our crush or a relationship that blossomed during those wonder years. In most cases, such stories end with time, as we go through college and start with our professional career or business. However, you will be surprised to know that there are some folks who ... Read More »

Most Weird Marriage Laws Around The World

The institution of marriage is an important part of societal structure, which exists in most parts of the world. While customs and traditions related to marriages vary, the common thread is the union of two individuals. Celebrations and coming together of families, friends and relatives is another thing that’s common among marriages across the globe. However, based on what part ... Read More »

The Relationship between Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Most of the time, with age and stress, men often begins to experience erectile dysfunction. When this happens, men leave to get an erection and keep it long enough to satisfy physical exercises. Testosterone is a type of hormone that promotes men to get an erection and improve physical energy. Sometimes the testosterone level can fall below average, and it ... Read More »

Pros and cons of having sex during pregnancy

couple enjoying love care

Are you expecting your bundle of joy soon? Do you want to have sex while you are in your third trimester? Many pregnant couples think that having sex during pregnancy can harm their baby in the womb and may lead to some complications. Many of you may have mixed thoughts when it comes to havingsex during pregnancy. Well most of ... Read More »

Live-in Or Marriage? What’s Better

It’s a great thing to be in love, as you experience moments that are among the happiest and most enjoyable in your life. For people in love, the next step is to start thinking about living together. Couples in this situation often face the question of whether to go for a live-in relationship or to choose the traditional path of ... Read More »

Which Countries Have Highest Condom Use?

Across the globe, condoms have emerged as the preferred choice of contraception as well as prevention of sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms have a long history dating back to several centuries, even though modern latex based condoms were produced not before the twentieth century. Condoms are preferred owing to their distinct advantages such as affordable cost, easy to carry and use, ... Read More »

Eros diet: food for a 10 and boost love

Foods to boost your libido in your life stage Valentine’s Day is approaching, and commonly the desire for romantic dinners is capable of stimulating the desire. The desire to build the expectation for what will occur next, surely including sex. Candlelight, red napkins like the fire of love, and fancy decorations, make the atmosphere. The support is done by the ... Read More »

Can A Hickey Kill You?

Hickeys aka love bites are the real evidence of an intense and passionate relationship. It happens when our animal instincts take over during love making and we tend to lose all control. Hickeys are especially common in a new relationship or among recently married couples. That’s not to say that there isn’t much flame left in a long-term relationship to ... Read More »

How To Get Over Divorce?

Divorce can be a painful and emotionally overwhelming experience, especially if it was not something that you were expecting from your partner. You might experience a range of emotions such as grief, shock, rejection, betrayal, embarrassment, and sadness. In some cases, people also experience trauma and depression. Things can become even more challenging if you have kids. A divorce can ... Read More »

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