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3 Tips for Travelling in COVID Times

As you head into spring 2021, after a long, dark winter, there’s a great sense of relief in the air. You made it through 2020 — one of the most challenging years in modern history. However, the tough times aren’t quite over yet. While there has been a significant amount of progress, the world continues to fight against the COVID-19 ... Read More »

Urgent travel plans during COVID? 5 things to do while booking your train travel tickets

Train Journey of Mandapam – Pamban – Rameswaram

India is a land of varied culture and one of the best ways to explore its beauty is by experiencing a train ride. As soon as you enter a train station, you are greeted by the site of multiple vendors selling their products, different types of trains entering and leaving the platforms, and people running back & forth to drop/receive ... Read More »

Kashmir Great Lakes Trek–Explore the Majestic Lake and Splendid Mountains

The trek passes through a snow-capped mountain summit, bewitching landscapes, flaming pines and higher altitude lakes. The Seven Lakes Trek in Kashmir is a slice of heaven on earth. It has everything which the character offers in scenic lap. Nurtures amazing landscapes, majestic High mountain routes, lush green valleys, gushing streams, blooming wildflowers, sparkling glacier. The magnificent views of the ... Read More »

Most Corrupt Police In World – Be Watchful Where You Travel

In a perfect world, police personnel are supposed to catch the criminals, maintain law and order and protect its people. However, since we happen to live in an imperfect world, not every police personnel can be relied upon to fulfill their duties. Corruption in police force is a global phenomenon with the only difference that the magnitude of corruption varies ... Read More »

How Covid-19 has changed Travel Insurance Purchase

The sudden outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has bought some severe repercussions to the global health situation. The magnitude of the virus spread was extremely rapid. This situation demanded restriction of travel to ensure safety of the citizens. The tourists and the tourism industry were among the ones that were affected the most owing to the travel restrictions. Also, the ... Read More »

Which Is The Hottest Place On Earth?

Summers can be excruciating, especially for folks who just can’t handle the rising temperatures. Every person has their own tolerance to heat and it’s interesting to see how some people adapt so well to the summer heat. So, what’s the temperature like in your city during summers and how much heat can you handle? If you think you know heat, ... Read More »

What Facilities Can You Get In The Hotels Booked By The Travelling Websites?

Travelling to different places is something that refreshes your mood and provides you some relief from your work pressure. Many of you may have the tremendous addiction of travelling to different places but often you step back and opt out the idea of going out to different places because of the fear of not getting enough comfort level in the ... Read More »

Most Unsafe Airlines In The World

Air travel is one of the safest ways to travel, as fatality rate is quite low. We do see planes falling off the sky, hitting a mountain, crashing into a building and dropping into the ocean. However, such cases are rare, especially when we compare it proportionately to the total number of successful flights. As per recent data, the ratio ... Read More »

These Trees Can Kill You – Watch Out!

Trees have been humankind’s best friend, as they have provided us with shade, fruits, wood and the most important oxygen. Trees play an important role in sustaining various forms of life and they are also relevant in terms of aesthetics. Without trees, the world would cease to exist, as we know it now. The importance of trees is even more ... Read More »

5 Places Where Gravity Doesn’t Work

Gravity is one of the fundamental forces that make things possible in our universe. Without gravity, it would be difficult to imagine life as we see and experience on an everyday basis. It is generally assumed that gravity is the same at all locations in the world. But did you know that there are places that seem to defy the ... Read More »

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