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Explore the World: 7 Best Routes for a Car Trip

road with hills

Road trip is a unique experience that will allow you to look at traveling from the other side. In fact, there’s no better way to explore the country than to drive along its roads and see the sights on your own. In order to get acquainted with beautiful places without limiting yourself in time and becoming attached to the whole ... Read More »

Top getaways near Delhi for a super-fun weekend

places to see in delhi jantar mantar

Are you in search of short trips near Delhi as the weekend approaches? Delhi, the capital city of our beloved country is placed towards the northern periphery of India. No doubt that it is surrounded by beautiful and fun getaways that make it worth your time. No need to spend your weekend doing nothing back home when you can invest ... Read More »

Top budget getaways near Mumbai for a great weekend

places to see in mumbai

Fresh out of cash but don’t want to let go off the upcoming weekend? Well, what if we say that you don’t require pocket full of cash to enjoy your weekend. With smart planning and budget-friendly locations, you can explore the best that comes your way. So if you live in Mumbai and hoping to strike the weekend with the ... Read More »

Popular Hill Stations at Different States and Union Territories of India


Are you worn out of the monotonous life and wish to devote some time for a pleasurable experience? Surprise yourself and visit a hill station near you for spectacular views, lovely snow-covered peaks, lush greenery, lakes and many more. Here’s the list of all the renowned hill stations of each state and union territory of the country so that you ... Read More »

Ten Must-Have Accessories for Camping

camp tambu

Camping is great fun when people take all the essential camping gear and accessories with them. However, many campers forget some essential items while going on their trip, which puts them in trouble on the wild terrains. It is essential to create a list of all the necessary camping gear and accessories so that you don’t forget anything. There are ... Read More »

Top 10 Reasons to Why You Should Travel


Travelling can be a little hard but, it is the best way to enjoy new things in our life. A lot of people skip numerous vacation options just because they are too lazy to think about travelling. Are you one such person? Travelling opens up your mind. It will give you a new perspective and most importantly, it takes you ... Read More »


taj mahal travel

India is a land for all kinds of travelers. There are spots exclusively for bachelors, spots for romantic travelers and so on. Thus, it is important to choose the right destination. Your itinerary should be able to satisfy the needs of all age groups in your family. Apart from this, there are a lot of other tips that would come ... Read More »

Top 10 Most ofthe Unusual Vacation Spots


We are in the middle of that time of year where people and families go on holiday together or alone, and most people tend to head to a warm and sunny destination. While most people plan a luxury vacation, most people do not consider many places that could be the perfect unusual vacation spots for the whole family. This year, ... Read More »



Places to eat, drink and listen to live music No city can be said to be as outdoorsy as Minneapolis. Parks, lakes, woods, the Mississippi River: long story short, no matter where you are, nature is never too far. The city offers incredible shopping experience: just head to the Warehouse District and Hennepin Avenue to experience the motto “shop till ... Read More »

Reasons to make career in Travel and Tourism

travel places

For the most part, when the word ‘Travel’ comes in exchange individuals consider going to occasions with family and companions however the thing does not end here, it has additionally a one of a kind measurement i.e making a brilliant profession into movement and tourism industry. Truly! You can make an astounding profession in movement and tourism after twelfth. For ... Read More »

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