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Rewari Gang Rape reveals deteriorating condition of Girls in the State: Rishi Pandey

The assault on a 19-year-old BSc student, allegedly by over 10 men, proves yet again that the state is the most unsafe place for women in India Yet again a Gang rape took place in the Rewari District of Haryana State, where a 19-year-old was abducted and raped by several men while she was on her way to tuition. Later ... Read More »

Why Identity Theft is More Problematic Than Ever

kyc identity verification

KYC verification is considered the ultimate line of defense against Identity thefts but with the passage of time, identity thieves have started coming up with new ways to defraud companies and businesses in cyberspace. KYC verification providers need to outsmart these identity thieves to provide better service to their customers. But for that new technological trends needs to be integrated ... Read More »

How Felix Sater Escaped A Civil Case And His Link With TevfikArif’sBayrock

fraud cheat

According to Business Insider, a court in Manhattan quashed a $250 million civil tax fraud case against Felix Sater, a Russian-American businessman. The case is said to be a qui tam case and it is against Sater who, is also a former associate of PresidentTrump and Bayrock, a real estate company. Normally, in this type of case, the attorney general ... Read More »

Facebook Exposed For Systematic Overcharging on Ads (NOT Fake News)

facebook fraud exposed

Thousands of people have been duped by Facebook through exorbitant overcharging on its advertisements. You are shown a small amount on the screen when you book a Facebook advert, but the charges keep spiraling in the background. Many people have reported that their credit/debit cards have maxed out, as a result of systematic overcharging on ads by Facebook. This is ... Read More »

Criminal minds need to be nurtured carefully

criminals minds newspatrolling

Today in the 21st century, the world is facing many problems and increasing rate of crime is one of the main problems in front of every nation. In India, crime rate is increasing and the reason behind committing a crime includes various mitigating factors, which have not been studied and implemented for so many decades. To understand the crime and the ... Read More »

Role of Youth in eradicating corruption in India_

stop corruption newspatrolling best blog

We have been discussing on this thought for about a decade now, but unfortunately there is not much difference in the situations prevailing in our country. India has been facing the issue of corruption from ages now. Even Kautilya has described 38 types of corruption in his magnum opus Arthashashtra. Indian has the world’s largest youth population according to a ... Read More »

Matrimonial Sites Fraud Alert: Your ideal life partner could be a conman

Some tips and precautions that a girl or women should keep in mind while making account on Matrimonial sites.. Matrimonial sites such as,,,, etc. have become the hunting ground for cyber criminals in recent times. You may think that you have finally found your ideal life partner, but think again, because the person you may have ... Read More »

राजधानी पटना में दिनदहाड़े पति पत्नी की हत्या

सरकार लाख दावे कर ले की  बिहार में कानून का राज है लेकिन अपराधियो ने सरकार के दावों की पोल खोल कर रख दी ताजा मामला राजधानी पटना से सटे नौबतपुर थाना क्षेत्र के फरीदपुरा गांव का है जहा दिन दहाडे  जमीनी विवाद को लेकर  भतीजा ने अपने ही चाचा  विश्वनाथ उपाध्याय 60 वर्ष  और चाची  कुसुम देवी  55 वर्ष ... Read More »

राजधानी पटना में गेंगरेप

राजधानी पटना से सटे दानापुर के शाहपुर थानाक्षेत्र के गंगाहारा में नाबालिकों के साथ गैंगरेप रेप का मामला सामनेआया मिल रही जानकारी के अनुसार गावं के ही  दबंगों ने 2 जून जून को एक समारोह में शामिल होकर लौट रही रही पीडिता के साथ सामूहिक दुष्कर्म किया और किसी को न बताने की धमकी दी. बताये जाने पर सपरिवार को ... Read More »

गौरीचक के राम गंज पेट्रोल पम्पकर्मी से 19 लाख 96 हजार पांच सौ की लूट

एसएसपी ने किया घटनास्थल का मुआयना    राजधानी पटना में बेख़ौफ़ अपराधियों ने एक बार फिर पेट्रोल पम्प के कैश को अपना निशाना बनाया और गौरीचक के राम गंज स्थित स्नेह पेट्रोल पम्प कर्मी से 19 लाख 96 हजार पांच सौ रूपये से भरा बैग लूट कर पुलिस को औकात बता दिया | पटना – गया नेशनल हाईवे पर रामगंज ... Read More »

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