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Is it fair that UK MPs push for restricting gambling advertising?

1 x bet betting

Let’s face it. The UK generates a lot of the world’s gambling revenue, and of course this is worrying for MPs. There are specific measures that MPs would like to take, this includes the overall ban of commercials both on TV and online promoting gambling. Albeit gambling is legal, the specific topics to consider is: Is all this gambling even ... Read More »

The Best Gaming Services to Use While On Lockdown


The world has been on a lockdown due to the global pandemic of a virus being spread called the Covid-19. There are many people who are going through ultimate depression and anxiety due to this pandemic. People have lost their jobs, they cannot go out with their friends and they have to stay isolated in their houses. All these precautions ... Read More »

Covid-19 pandemic; An opportunity for legal fraternity to go digital says Gautam Khaitan

The outbreak of coronavirus pandemic has disrupted almost every walk of life and legal fraternity is no exception. The announcement of the pan-India lockdown to contain the virus for over 2 months has resulted in putting a halt to the gigantic Indian economy. Alongside this, the nation also observed the shutting down of the usual proceedings of the judiciary. Eminent ... Read More »

Upcoming time can get more difficult than the existing, says astrologer J.L Kataria

On 25 May, Mercury has entered its zodiac association Gemini. One of the best Vedic astrologers in Delhi – JL Kataria predicts worsening of the situations amidst already pertaining severe coronavirus crises in the face of a series of storms and earthquakes. Kataria holds destructive Rahu responsible for the unprecedented adversaries brought to the whole humankind by the Covid-19 pandemic. ... Read More »


Monsoon is one of the most awaited seasons for most of us that rejuvenates the life after an arid summer. However, the onset of monsoons brings disruption into our normal life. It causes rutting and fatigue in pavements, failures in track bed for railways, rock fall/ landslides, failures of embankments, shear strength failures in soft soils, floods etc. All these ... Read More »

Powerful Grocery Delivery App Development Tips

Technology has brought about major innovations. This includes innovations like apps being quite prominent among them. Thanks to the presence of apps the life of people has improved to a great extent and at the same time the businesses have been able to successfully streamline their operations and finally the delivery drivers have been able to get a horrendous amount ... Read More »

Narayanam Nageswara Rao: Rise of NCS Sugars Ltd

Prior to 2002, it was a 2500 tcd co-operative sugar mill that was run by the state of Andhra Pradesh.  With outdated equipment and plant & machinery, the then cooperative sugar mill always recorded heavy losses which drove the state government to hive it off in “tender process”.  It was during that period 2002 September, the present management of NCS ... Read More »

Amidst this virulent pandemic, Indian medical tourism startup Mediflic is ready to introduce Telemedicine for global users

Telemedicine service unquestionably reduces the expenditure of the patient party by eliminating transport costs, accommodation costs, visa fees, etc. It helps people to avoid social gatherings in areas like hospitals, nursing homes, clinics. Telemedicine lets the patients directly seek consultation from their chosen doctor or health care facilitators. India has become a top medical tourism destination for most critical surgeries and ... Read More »

Tehseen Poonawalla and Monicka Vadera give hope to sex workers of Pune

India went into lockdown on March 24 to combat the coronavirus pandemic.  Millions were left in lurch without food or work. Migrant workers stranded far from home started walking hundreds of kilometres. While the plight of migrant workers and losses incurred by various industries have been highlighted by everyone, what has remained completely out of the orbit is the plight ... Read More »

What Are The Services Provided By A Bankruptcy Attorney?


Bankruptcy is considered to be a legal procedure through which the individuals and businesses that are in a state of financial distress can arrange to make the payment of a portion of their debts. In some cases, bankruptcy can eliminate all the debts. This procedure is practiced under the protection and monitoring of the federal bankruptcy court. When it comes ... Read More »

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