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Miklens Bio: India’s next step towards sustainable cultivation

The oldest occupation of India, is also the most challenging one. The umpteen challenges faced by the agriculture industry are only worsened by the use of non-degradable chemical fertilisers. The need to outdo competition and produce seasonal crops all-round the year is also one of the triggers behind non-sustainable cultivation. In the battle of survival, the end consumer remains unjustified ... Read More »

Before Start Writing Your Business Plans, You Must Do These 5 Things First

You maybe working as an employer in a company, still studying, or just playing your role as a housewife and a mother, but at a certain point in your life you may think that this is the time to begin your own business. Actually, starting a new business is a tough decision and it comes with a lot of headaches, ... Read More »

Startup Boom; Maharashtra Io Promote Incubators For Success Of Startups


In a positive step to improve and motivate the entrepreneurship behavior, the Maharashtra state government has formulated ‘Maharashtra State Innovation and Start-up Policy’ to support startups. Under the policy, the government is planning to set up incubators across the state for support with regards to work space, mentoring, and training to entrepreneurs. The draft policy also proposes entrepreneurial development classes ... Read More »

Seven Teams Qualify For India’s First Private Moon Mission

Team Indus

In a very exciting turn of events, space technology start-up TeamIndus has identified seven teams for India’s first private moon mission in December. TeamIndus said that teams Regolith Revolution from the US, Callisto, Ears and Kalpana from India, Space4Life from Italy,Killa Lab from Peru and Lunadome from Britain have qualified to fly their experiments to the lunar surface in their spacecraft. The Indian Space Research ... Read More »

Hamee India

Dedicated to constant innovation, Hamee India is a pioneering mobile accessory company offering an unparalleled range of quirky and trendy products. Hamee India is the Indian division of Hamee Corp which was founded in 1998 by Atsushi Higuchi, and is Japan’s top online cell phone accessory store. Hamee Corp. is a listed company in TSE (Tokyo Stock Exchange) and currently ... Read More »

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