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Top 5 People Who Came Alive After Death

death experience afraid fear

People say that life after death can only be seen by someone who is dead. No one has ever seen what’s beyond death. But some contradictory reports have been found. There have been some cases of people coming alive after death. Some people have experienced life after death and then came alive. What could be more interesting than listening to ... Read More »

Top 5 Biggest Ferris Wheels in the World to have fun

The Ferris wheel or popularly known as “Pleasure Wheels,” is believed to be invented in Bulgaria during the 17th century. They are scary, fun, and even romantic and is considered to be the best way to enjoy the view of a city from above. Whether you’re looking for some adventure or simply want to admire the view from above, Ferris ... Read More »

The handy Japanese Rail Pass: Everything you need to know

Europe has its own rail pass called Eurail Pass, similarly, Japan also has its rail pass called ‘Japan Rail Pass’ or JR Pass. Though visiting another country is quite expensive, but, here, Japan took care of our travel budget by providing us with the Japan Rail Pass. Now, we’d like you to give this article a read since it deals ... Read More »

Marijuana vs. Alcohol : Which is more addictive?

This topic has been the centre of discussion on many platforms. There have been a lot of researches, surveys and studies to find out which is more addictive. Refreshment is the only thing that attracts us to these things. After a rough weekend, we search for things that’ll help us balance our mental health. We crave relief from the rigorous ... Read More »

How to detect if your wine has gone bad?

Though the general rule says that if the wine is kept open for over a week it goes bad, there are still a few exceptions to this, such as in case of dessert wines. But sometimes we become hesitant if we should consume wine or not. You might have seen experience drinkers instantly telling if the wine is in potable ... Read More »

What is the difference between a Rocket and a Missile?

Wonders of science have always amazed humans and their advancement in this area has helped to better the world. Science has evolved a lot in space and defense sector and has developed a lot of devices that are helping in defense areas and exploring space in a better way. With so many devices present people who have little knowledge about ... Read More »

The incredible story of baby Eva Grace: the superhero who never lived

Finding out that her child will be dead in some hours, is the most harrowing thing for a mother. This defect is found in 3 out of 10,000 pregnancies. Here, we are discussing about baby Eva Grace who was terminally-ill. Keri young, a woman from Oklahoma was pregnant. Her baby was due on 7th of May, but was born three ... Read More »

How to bet wisely on Kabaddi games?

Right after cricket if there is any popular sport in India, it has to be Kabaddi. From the rural areas to modern-day towns, Kabaddi is played by tons of people. Also, for the people who love betting, you can learn how to place bets on the game Kabaddi in the simplest way. Now, the overall reason behind the immense popularity ... Read More »

Why is online betting more popular than offline betting in the current time?

Well, we live in the digital world where things have started to run online. Either it’s online sports betting or selling of products, digitization seems to be the modern date trend. Therefore, if you are in online betting, you can visit 10cric India and reap some of the best betting information. Over the years, online sports betting have become more ... Read More »

10 hotels you won’t believe actually exists

hotel de la ville

When poring over the internet in search of a hotel, most visitors base their choice on factors like location, comfort, and affordability. Usually guests prefer something extra ordinary, different from the usual architecture along with unusual features that isn’t readily available, and you will be able to find it around the globe if you know where to look at. Not ... Read More »

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