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10 Deadliest plants you will ever come across in nature

Like animals, plants too release some chemical substance and make a physical defence to escape from herbivorous animals. In this context being vegetarian might suck. Plants can be deadly too. Listed below are top 10 deadliest plants which will spell doom if you ever come in contact with them. Angel’s Trumpet Being a member of the genus Brugmansia, Angel’s Trumpet ... Read More »

We Don’t Have To Be Superwomen

career women

 Stop Pushing Yourself Too Hard And Find A Balance! Indian women have to juggle multiple roles and as a result they are often overwhelmed and stressed. But, it is possible to find that balance and lead happier lives. Today’s world is filled with competition and stress and whether one likes it or not, I believe women work twice as hard as men ... Read More »

7 Steps to Survive an Apocalypse According to Science

Though it is unlikely to happen, however, picturing these situations and the skills needed to survive is fun. What would you do if something happens like this? Where would you take shelter? How to survive from it? Will you see another civilization taking shape? Check out top 7 tips that are mentioned below to survive an apocalypse according to science, ... Read More »

Scholarly Research and the Peer Review

research lab scientist testing

Scientists and researchers share similar goals when it comes to proposing an idea and carrying out the process of validating or proving that idea. The scientific process of asking questions, researching the topic, proposing a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, analyzing the results, and then reaching a conclusion are used in many fields, including psychology, drug development, medicine, genomics, health, and ... Read More »

Top Porn Stars Who Are Richer Than Hollywood Celebrities

hot girl

Well, we are not discussing sex, we are discussing pornography as a financially profitable business. The adult Industry releases about 11,000 titles on DVD each year. The porn business is headed by the US. According to a recent survey, the income of the adult industry is about $10-13 billion. You’d be amazed to know the income of the pornstars. Mentioned ... Read More »

Top 5 scariest bridges around the world

Does height make you anxious? Do bridges cause panic and fear? Then there’s a term for you: gephyrophobia. And the condition related to extreme fear of height is termed as acrophobia. We’ve created a list of 5 scariest bridges around the world to give you a feeling of Halloween which will give some at least some butterflies in your chest. ... Read More »

Identity Theft: What is it and how can you protect yourself?


Do you prefer paying your monthly bills online? Well, online payment is the most convenient way to make transactions. But, have you ever thought about the risk involved in online payment? Nowadays, most of our transactions take place online. To complete the transaction process, one needs to provide various personal information such as bank account details, credit/debit card details, phone ... Read More »

Interview : Kartikeya Ladha

kartikeya ladha

Writer of the book : “Dream Beyond Shadows” What inspired you to start writing? Coming from a business background, doing my degree in Management in the U.S. and then working for a startup in New York, I never thought I’d end up doing creative writing and pursue a path in this field. I loved New York and my job there ... Read More »

Bats: Are they really blind?


Bats are interesting and amazing animals. In fact, they are the only mammals having the ability to fly. Observing them in their natural habitat can truly be fascinating. However, these innocent creatures are often misunderstood by people worldwide. This is probably because they have long pointed teeth, hang upside-down or due to their repeated association to vampires or Dracula in ... Read More »

Hypnosis: Does it really work?


Before beginning with the hypnosis procedure questions like –does hypnosis work and how does it work, definitely crosses every person’s mind. Hypnotherapy can be used for almost anything under the blue sky, beginning all the way from quitting smoking to losing weight. Hypnosis can be used as a powerful tool in self-improvement as it updates a person’s subconscious beliefs. There ... Read More »

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