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Top things banned by India in the last 10 years


The diverse cultures, traditions, languages and rituals in India are what make the country popular across the globe. However, the nation has recently witnessed a string of unusual bans by the government in an attempt to prohibit whatever goes against their religious and cultural norms. Starting from porn to banning the screening of the film ‘Fifty Shades of Grey,’ below ... Read More »

Q & A for Non-Invasive Rhinoplasty

non-invasive rhinoplasty

1)      What is the aesthetic procedure Non-invasive Rhinoplasty all about? Every person is interested in looking good and having a beautiful nose and they are willing to undertake the procedure without giving much thought if it is non-surgical. The only way a nose could have been improved till recently was through surgery which had its risks, down time and the fact ... Read More »

How To Get Confirmed Lower Berth For Senior Citizens

lower berth reservation

Young people and children can easily climb middle berth and upper berths, but doing the same is quite problematic for many senior citizens. So naturally we want to reserve lower berths for senior citizens. However, getting a confirmed lower berth is not easy. It’s true that certain lower berths are reserved for senior citizens, but still it’s quite difficult to ... Read More »

How to wager online casino bonuses?


One of the most pressing questions among gamblers is how to win online casino bonus back? If you have ever played online casino games, you may know that there are various bonuses and lucrative offers for players. Sometimes players get confused with the types of bonuses. But the most important question is how to win those bonuses back. If you ... Read More »

Do bulls really charge when they see the color Red?

bull and red color cloth

Bullfighting has enthralled audiences since centuries with a blend of athleticism as well as excitement. According to historians, the tradition of bullfighting originated in Spain somewhere during the 1st century. And though the suffering and killing of the bulls has been a topic of debate among the animal rights activists today, the sport still continues to be an indelible part ... Read More »

Which rare senses do human have apart from the basic 5 senses?


During school days, most children learn that humans have just five senses, i.e. smell, sight, taste, touch and lastly, hearing. Presently, there’s no proper definition of what makes up a sense; but a few researchers define it as a perception or feeling produced as a result of a specific condition in the body or via human sense organs of taste, ... Read More »

Butterflies are now endangered: How does the future look without butterflies?


Fluttering through the blue sky, those tiny colourful butterflies might look like just another miracle of nature but they hold a value much more than we could ever understand. Lately, these aesthetically pleasing insects have been of particular interest to the scientific community given the sudden decline in their population all around the world. These insects today serve as the ... Read More »

What would happen if the sun vanishes for 24 hours?

sun vanishes

All human beings tend to enjoy the Sun. Be it playing on the beach or soaking up sunlight by the pool side during summers, everyone loves the kind of warmth Sun offers. Even when the seasons change or temperatures begin to fall, just a ray of sunlight during a cold day can warm up the heart. Moreover, studies on the ... Read More »

Photographic memory: What is it all about?

photographic memory

It is said that photographic memory, also known as eidetic memory, is a rare event which isn’t well defined at present. But in general terms, it basically refers to being able to recall minute details of something as if you had it right in front you. In fact, a few psychiatrists, linquists and neuro-scientists have defined photographic memory as the ... Read More »

How genetics play an important role in deciding your craving for food?


Do you sometimes wonder as to why you crave for foods that you aren’t at all healthy for you and are probably contributing towards obesity? Well, the answer lies in your genes. Our genes partially control the habit of our food craving. However, various researches are going on which will further empower the people and will help them to stick ... Read More »

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