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36 Months of Leading Projects: What Else Do Y-ou Need for PMI PMP Certification Exam Besides Taking Practice Tests?

fashion in students and students

New projects are started almost every single day and thismeans that the need for the skilled project managers will keep on growing for the years to come. Many people around the world dream about working as such specialists,so there is no denying the fact that it is a fun job if you know what you are getting into. However, since ... Read More »

5 reasons why no one buys from your e-commerce site

Managing an online store is sometimes a matter of police investigation. Indeed, many entrepreneurs have to solve the following riddle at one point or another of their e-commerce activity: “Why is nobody buying on my site?” If you are failing to meet your sales goals, there are surely good reasons for it. And to be successful, you can’t afford to ... Read More »

4 Ideas For Staying Connected With Friends and Family While Overseas

friends doing masti

Each year thousands of students fly overseas in pursuit of higher education and to attend college. Some of these students travel great distances between continents, while others fly only a few hours away from their home country. Studying in a foreign land is a great experience of its own. It not only allows you to learn from the best universities, ... Read More »

Make Subscription Cars Your Post Lockdown Travelling Partner

Post lockdown, as you may be challenging to adjust yourself to the new normal, you may also be having apprehensions about travelling. It is because unlike the past, you cannot use public or shared means of commuting with the same sense of ease. Means of public transport are neither fully operational nor safe from various angles. Even driver-ridden cabs and ... Read More »

What Happens If You Have No Health Insurance?

health insurance

In America, healthcare costs continue to rise. While that may not have a profound effect on people who have insurance, it undoubtedly impacts those who remain uninsured due to skyrocketing premiums. If you’re interested in researching affordable healthcare coverage for you or your family, click here, or read on for more information on the potential consequences of forgoing health insurance. ... Read More »

Tips on How to Sell Your Used Car to a Dealer

When you’re dealing with pesky and costly auto repairs on a month-to-month basis, buying a brand-new vehicle that passed a thorough inspection can lift the burden of frequent trips to the mechanic off any car owner’s shoulders. Besides enjoying a hassle-free car-owning experience, the owner of a brand-new vehicle can bask in that new-car smell for the first month or ... Read More »

5 Things to Note Before Renewing Your Health Insurance Policy

In today’s sedentary lifestyle, people are prone to developing many ailments at a young age. There has been an increase in the number of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, heart disorders, and thyroid. Hence, it is becoming essential to avail of health insurance as a financial backup. Health cover should be renewed regularly. Mostly medical insurance comes with a policy tenure of ... Read More »

Color psychology: How to pick the best colors for your office interiors

Do you feel energized when you step into a room painted in red or orange? Or do you feel refreshed and calm when you step into a room painted in green or blue? This is color psychology and is directly related to the mood and emotions of the person. It helps in creating the kind of environment you want to ... Read More »

How to choose the right make-up products from the online stores?

Well, a lot of you might hesitate when it comes to buying beauty products from the online stores. You may prefer to buy them from the conventional stores where you can also try them or test them on you to check if the product suits you or not. But as a matter of fact, buying make-up products from the online ... Read More »

Wedding Photography Tips for Budding Photographers 

Canon C200 Camera

Wish to take better pictures of the wedding? For a couple, a wedding ceremony is one of the most auspicious days. If you’re a wedding photographer, then it’s up to you to save the finest moments and create the perfect big day memory album! Wedding photography is distinct from other photography styles since you only get one opportunity to get ... Read More »

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