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The Sporty Switch: Why an SUV May Be Your Perfect Next Car

Are you looking to purchase a new car? Perhaps your existing car has come to the end of its run and you are in search of something brand new and powerful. If so, an SUV may be your perfect next car. More and more people are switching to SUVs than ever before, simply due to the fact that it is ... Read More »

IRB Infra Net Profit is Rs.160 Crs

Total Income is Rs. 1,790 Crs. All projects under BOT portfolio are now Revenue Generating Toll collection growth of 9% QoQ Started tolling forGoa-Kundapur project Emerges as a sole bidder for prestigious Mumbai-Pune Expressway TOT project  Mumbai, February 14, 2020: IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd. (IRB), India’s leading and one of the largest highways infrastructure developers has posted a net profit ... Read More »

Tips for Putting Together a Cohesive Family Tree – Tracing Your Roots

Have you ever wondered about your family roots? Sure, you may be well aware of where one to two generations before you came from, and the various family members, but outside of that, people are often left with a giant blank space on their family tree. Tracing your roots and digging into who your family was and their own unique ... Read More »

Defining your wedding style

Are you getting started with making wedding invitations for your big event and need to figure out how to begin? Your wedding invitations are basically the first impression your guests will have of your wedding. And when it comes to first impressions, they need to be great, because you can only make them once. You don’t know where to start? ... Read More »

Online Stock Marketing Platform: what are the pluses?

Stock Market Investing

Stock marketing is expanding and turning out to be complicated with every passing day. You can make the maximum of it only if you know what exactly it is. But again, in case you know what trading is and how stocks work; you have to be sure about the correct trading platform. You can easily come across the best trading ... Read More »

Importance of Mentor in Building a Vibrant Career

career women

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” Believe in yourself is a phrase we have commonly used both for others as well as ourselves but in reality, it is only through an understanding and empathetic mentor do we actually start believing in ourselves ... Read More »

5 Best beaches in Coolangatta and the Gold Coast

sea travel holiday

The Gold Coast region is packed with gorgeous stretches of sandy beach and sparkling clear waters. Some of the best beaches on the Gold Coast sit in the coastal suburb of Coolangatta, making it a top spot for tourists. As there are so many must-visit beaches up and down the coast, it’s worth taking a tour – why not hire ... Read More »

Know The 5 Stages Of Sleep For Better Rest

Quality sleep is one of the essential amenities to parts of a healthy lifestyle. But having your piece of proper sleep is something with which you should be extremely disciplined. Just like other biological processes, our sleeping cycles consist of some major and minor stages, which have a direct effect on our health. Achieving proper levels of quality sleep is ... Read More »

Karnataka’s biggest jewellery retail chain, Shubh Jewellers specializes in traditional South Indian Gems

Gold is intrinsic to Indian culture, known for its diversity. Every region in the country is known for a different golden jewellery style. Karnataka, a prominent gold-loving state in the country, boasts a heritage of traditional South Indian jewellery. Taking the legacy forward quite passionately is Shubh Jewellers, which has more than 80 outlets across Karnataka. No other jewellery brand ... Read More »

Politics vs economics: which best explains the world we live in?

“Leaving the EU would almost certainly damage our economic prospects”. Those words formed the headline of a joint statement from the National Institute of Economic Research, the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics way back in June 2016. Still, a few days later the British public voted to leave the ... Read More »

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