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well dress man

 CHECK THE EFFECTS OF PLANETS OF DESIRE AND DETACHMENTON YOUR SIGNS FOR NEXT 18 MONTHS….. Rahu, the shadow planet which has gained more prominence in Kaliyug will leave the house of Cancer and will enter Gemini, the third house from Kal Pursh, an Airy Sign. Rahu by default gives good results in 3rd, 6th, 7th10th and 11th houses and is ... Read More »

Investment in entertainment industry is about self risk : Gaurav Karnawat

Gaurav karnawat

  Gaurav Karnawat, a famous name in the entertainment industry helping people in getting better ideas about investments in bollywood projects to television projects and digital series too. He is COO of Rishabh Securities.   According to him entertainment industry is the best place to invest in, but with self risk and luck.   “Entertainment Industry has became a popular ... Read More »

Shantanu Prakash: Education sector needs Edtech

Educomp Shantanu Prakash

Edtech pioneers like Educomp Shantanu Prakash and Monica Malhotra Kandhari pull in weight as Indian education traverses the cusp of an indiscernible industrial revolution. Students in India are now getting an edge over concepts that earlier took them more than one class to understand. Be it the Bohr Atomic Model or Solid State Chemistry, virtual reality is giving students an ... Read More »

Family Approach to Cope with Young Diabetics

Milk Reduces Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

World Diabetes Day is celebrated across the globe in memory of announcement of insulin discovery on that day which has been saving billions of lives since its inception. On this day I would recommend for everyone to inculcate a regular exercise pattern in daily routine, eating healthy diet which is more of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits”, says Dr ... Read More »

Does your food habit influence your Dream?

mumbai food1

How many of you had eaten delicious dishes like Biryiani or Kebab, went to sleep and landed up having a horrible nightmare? Sounds awful, but I had. I remember I had went to a marriage ceremony where I had loads of spicy dishes as usual and ended up having  dream which ultimately turned jumping off from a cliff. If so, ... Read More »

Is our Life always calculated?

bitches and night life

I always loved a life which was more calculated than reality. Like every one of you, I too defined success on the ability of profit, loss and the percentage of interest gained. This had enabled me to answer a question, “Why do people alienate others?”  Or maybe ” Why do people dump others while walking on the same pavement? ” ... Read More »

9 Ways to generate e-mail lists

email marketing

I have some awful information: Your electronic mail advertising database degrades by way of about 22.5% every 12 months. Your contacts’ e-mail addresses change as they circulate from one organisation to another, choose-out of your e-mail verbal exchange, or abandon that antique AOL cope with they best use to fill out bureaucracy on websites. As a marketer, it’s your task ... Read More »

There is an urgent need for hypertension-stroke control program for the stroke victims

heat stroke newspatrolling

37yr old man can now walk slowly and move his fingers after cell based therapy 29th October, Navi Mumbai: 37 yr old Hrishikesh Rane suffered stroke in 2016 but after cell based treatment by Dr Pradeep Mahajan he is able to walk. Mr. Hrishikesh, 37 years, has been under treatment for high blood pressure for approximately 3-4 years. Before 2 years, After ... Read More »

The Craze of studying engineering or Medicals in India – A personal Viewpoint


So, in India, there are primarily two basic career choices after the class tenth. You either join FITJEE or AAKASH. Yes, perhaps you have guessed it right- Doctors and Engineers are the only two professions available to an Indian student. Hypothetically speaking, if any Indian student goes to the Kaun Banega Crorepati show and faces the question “Which profession you ... Read More »

Refreshing the term Biodegradability in the backdrop of Plastics

biodegrable ecofriendly

We all hate the term “Non-Biodegradability”, don’t we? Plastics, followed by plastic pollution sequenced by the death of animals are what we see in modern trending newspaper posts. We all give so much importance to the term “Non-Biodegradability”, we say loads about Plastic pollution, we write articles, encode statistics to reinforce the article just to make sure we don’t use ... Read More »

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