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Life is what we make. We all hear this many times but can we really believe on this quotation. Answer is there in our mind. What is that? Most of the people believe that we are what Life makes us. Is it so? Yes to some extent. But it doesn’t mean that we should go where life takes us. This ... Read More »

Global Energy Prices: Will It Fuel Growth?

Oil prices have been headed south for the last six months. At the time of writing the article, crude oil price is $45 per barrel as against $105 per barrel in 2013-2014. We will keep our discussion restricted to India only. We will try to learn the pros and cons of falling oil prices in India. Before getting on to ... Read More »

Can love be arranged??

Love is a feeling of affection. It is a strong sense of attachment for others, be it living or non-living ones. It can be an emotion for oneself, other fellow humans, plants, animals, food, cars, books, sports and what not. It is a feeling of sheer joy and ecstasy for one to experience and cherish. And, anything from which one derives ... Read More »

Now this is a really “serious” problem for them….

You give them a tough Maths paper to solve, they will do with ease. You say them to reach 8:30 AM class after waking up at 8:27 AM, they will manage that. You put the scariest of professors in front of them, they can handle them. You say them to clear their papers by studying just the whole night, they ... Read More »

On abuse of free speech

I am not courting controversy but the recent spate of support for Charlie Hebdojournalists has compelled to note it here. What Salman Rushdie perfected, Charlie Hebdo made a sport of. Both of them were not talking of religious extremism per se, they were mocking it. The medium was not a plain discussion, but a highly evolved satire. And they expected ... Read More »


Power Mech Projects Ltd. stands is an integrated power infrastructure service company in India providing comphrensive erection, testing, commissioning of boilers, turbines and generators (“ETC-BTG”) and balance of plant (“BOP”) works, civil works and operation and maintenance (O&M) services. It was established in the year 1999 under the leadership of Shri.S.Kishore Babu, Over a period of 15 years the company has, with the ... Read More »

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