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Popular economic policies laid out Trump administration

Donald John Trump, 45th President of the US, has laid out some major economic policies for making America, what he calls, to be great again. Though he has been already involved in so many controversies, some of the economic policies laid out by him are worthy of appreciation. His economic policies had both positive and negative effects on the economy. ... Read More »

Onion Politics – Do You Really Need Onions?

The onion scare is here yet again to haunt the common man and governments alike, as prices spiral to a high of up to Rs 200 per kg. There’s no relief in sight in the near term, as onion imports will take time till January to reach retail markets. Even then, prices will continue to be higher than normal, as ... Read More »

Would a wall between America and Mexico solve the prevailing issues?

The idea disclosed by the President of the United States has left the public in a state of bewilderment. Does Donald Trump have any idea about how absurd the idea of raising a wall in between America and Mexico to solve the woes of immigration sounds?  Although the people of the States are hopeful of Trump abandoning his absurd campaign, ... Read More »

Schumpeter: The Union states of debt

POLITICS in America may be an arena of mutual incomprehension with few settled facts, but the debate about the health of American firms’ balance-sheets is, if anything, even more bewildering. On one hand are those who complain that America Inc. is hoarding $2trn of idle cash, on the other are those, including the IMF, who yells that firms are bingeing ... Read More »

Shocking statements made by well-known politicians

We all know how dirty politics is and to what extent these politicians can go to win the elections. But politicians tend to go mad after coming in power. They can never learn to keep their mouth shut during important and critical situations. We have gathered the most shocking statements made by well-known politicians to prove the above statement right. ... Read More »

Reasons that there should be a limitation to the freedom of speech

The topic of the limitation of freedom of speech is widely debated. Though the Supreme Court sided with freedom of speech in 1930, should there be some limitations to it? In the name of these fundamental rights, there are lots of mishappening all over the country. Stated below are some of the reasons that there should be a limitation to ... Read More »

Article 370 Revoked: Congress Leaders Who Supported Government’s Move

Revocation of Article 370 is one of the biggest political decisions in the history of India. It has got everyone in the country involved and even global leaders are talking about it. While the majority of political parties have supported revocation of Article 370, other parties including Congress, TMC, NCP, and JDU have voiced their opinions against the move. Surprisingly, ... Read More »

Modi 2.0 – Spinning the growth wheel of Indian Economy


It is high time to shift gears up and target for unprecedented growth in Modi 2.0. With the aspirations of 1.3 billion on its shoulder, the government is poised to deliver on the fundamental aspects of building a high growth economic progress for the nation. We have set an optimistic target of achieving five trillion economy by the next five ... Read More »

The evolution of political campaigns – from autos to Instagram

Barack Obama’s campaign success in the 2008 US Presidential elections paved the way for what is now the only way to manage mammoth political campaigns. After the massive use of new media tools for electoral mobilization, the world is seeing a surge in adoption of similar methods for canvassing. This holds true especially for India, where we first saw the ... Read More »

11 Most Bizarre And Controversial Statements Made By Indian Politicians

Rahul Gandhi

Politics in today’s world has become a dirty game and politicians are stooping to new lows to score brownie points. Making controversial statements is one of the tricks that today’s politicians use to strike a chord with their followers. Making controversial statements also gets them guaranteed media coverage across the country and sometimes globally as well. This clearly shows that ... Read More »

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