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Biggest scams in the history of India

Scams and corruptions are mainly responsible for the bad situation of politics that we find in India today. These scams and corruption incidences have shamed India in front of the world. The reason for the biggest scams that have been recorded in India is some or other way connected to political leaders and the power of wealthy people in India. ... Read More »

Election 2019: The Biggest Battle In India’s Electoral History

election 2019

Who wins Election 2019 will be decided on May 23, but one thing is apparent that it has ignited people’s interest in politics. With the easy availability of internet and social media onslaught, Indian voters are accessing political content like never before. As for political parties and candidates, it’s like saying that you can love them or hate them, but ... Read More »

“Men Suffer Too”: Kshama Sharma, Author advocates need for “Purush Aayog”

mens right

With the rising incidents of women misusing the law against men, it is high time that the law-makers initiated moves to create organizations that work for the benefit of men suffering from such cases. Today, many men have been reported suffering at the mercy of their wives. Most of them were locked up inside jail under false allegations. Recently, Kshama ... Read More »

Why Congress Party Lost Power In India?


Once the single largest political party in India, Congress has lost much of its power, influence and appeal in the country. The Congress party has seen its ups and downs, but after 1984, when it won 415 Lok Sabha seats out of 543, its political dominance has been declining. After India’s independence, Congress party emerged as the largest political party, ... Read More »

Reasons that hinder women in India from participating in politics


Women in India are severely under-represented when it comes to political positions. While women have been gaining hold over several factions of society, politics is a field that has remained majorly untouched with very female politicians taking lead. India has for long been run with a sense of patriarchal embodiment. With men taking charge from the very first time societies ... Read More »

India’s First Women Political Party unveiled in Mumbai

women political party

Urges 50% reservation quota for females in Lok Sabha 2019 National Women Party (NWP) to contest for 283 Lok Sabha seats – half of total seats – in upcoming elections 2019   21st January 2019, Mumbai:  Headed by a doctor and social activist, Dr Swetha Shetty, launches the first-ever political party dedicated for women which aims at get 50% reservation ... Read More »

Indira Gandhi: The powerful PM who symbolizes women empowerment

indira gandhi

If we look into the history of our Nation, we find that despite of huge number of political parties and decades of politics in nation, the number of female leaders is very limited who were able to make their mark in the arena of global politics. One name that emerges as strong female politician of the nation is Indira Gandhi, ... Read More »

I make friends for life: Akhilesh Yadav on Rahul Gandhi at India Today Mind Rocks Youth Summit 2018

akhilesh yadav

Becoming friends (read: forming an alliance with the Congress party) with Rahul Gandhi “was” a good idea, former Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav said today at India Today’s youth summit — Mind Rocks 2018, Delhi. The comment by Yadav immediately prompted the question: Did he mean that he would not ally with Gandhi in the future? “Forget it,” Yadav ... Read More »

Social Media Ad Campaigns: A new way to target voters


Digital marketing is one of the most trending technologies these days. The recent 2016 presidential elections demonstrated that digital marketing also has its application in politics. It has already been successfully adopted in business, and now it is gaining its popularity in elections. With the help of geo-targeting ad campaigns, the politicians can now easily target the required voters. Therefore, ... Read More »

Reimagining India – The agenda for change


    “BJP’s Achche Din turned into Shining India”, says Sonia Gandhi   Mumbai, 9th March 2018: In her key note address chairperson of the UPA, Sonia Gandhi said that the Indian society is under systematic and consistent attack in the present situation. She alleged that the ruling BJP is refashioning the idea of India. The distorted perception and rewriting history and slamming nation builders ... Read More »

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