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Stay active; find a passion to ensure healthy sunset years

tips for good woman health newspatrolling

  Increasing life expectancy and improvements in longevity have ensured that we are facing the prospect of a burgeoning elderly population the world over. Medicinal advancements have resulted in remarkable decline in infectious diseases – that were the bane of the last century – and have also ushered in advanced treatments of non-communicable diseases to help prolong lives and improve ... Read More »

Spiritual Consciousness in this world

spiritual conciousness

As we watch the dance of light on water’s surface, the ripples that flow from a center to the farthest edges, slowly diminishing into Serenity, our eyes miss the plethora of life that lies beneath this glistening top. When we allow our eyes to pierce through this shimmering surface, we see a visual treasure of that which seemed hidden before. ... Read More »

“Yoga gaining popularity among the Younger generation”


The younger generations are now showing great interest in the field of Yoga.  It has garnered a lot of importance and attention recently due to initiatives by both private and government organisations. With various certified courses, diplomas and career options within the field of Yoga, it suits the taste for youngsters pursuing a more Avant Garde route. Youngsters nowadays are ... Read More »

Yoga to Prevent Lifestyle Disorders

The current worldview of consumerism is keeping us teetering on our toes. Ever-evolving technology has set the pace of living for us, and we are all in sprint mode. There seems to be no time to stop and smell the roses. The body and mind in their quest to keep up are the worst hit. Lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, ... Read More »

Yoga and meditation for the Corporate World

The average employed individual, if asked might rue that a month rushes by in a flurry of activity. Corporate professionalism is life in the fast lane which is driven by time, processes and targets. When you do not make the time to unwind and decompress, it translates as stress, anxiety, depression, anger and frustration. The good news however is that ... Read More »



It is sad that nowadays the desires of politicians to get power to satisfy their ulterior motives, has destroyed almost all the eternal, traditional Vedic politics wherein the true and the best qualities of politicians have been preached and were followed by the kings of previous yugas, who in turn, satisfied their public in all respects. For example:   (1)  ... Read More »

Top 3 Vastu Tips For Your Home


Building a beautiful house with the help of an expert architect and the best builder will not make it a home. For a house to become home, you should bring all the blessings of natural energy and power. Building positive energy in your house is what that makes it a home. The proper collaborations of rooms from the entry point ... Read More »

Craze For Baby Boy Over Baby Girl And Why Its Wrong, Unscientific and Irrational

As per the last Population Census carried out in 2011, India’s sex ratio was 943 females per 1000 of males. This is quite alarming and highlights the fact that many families in 21st century India still give preference to baby boy over baby girl. This mindset needs to be corrected in an urgent manner, as a high sex ratio leads ... Read More »

Top signs that suggest you are a workaholic

diet for working women newspatrolling health blog for women

While working hard can be a thing, being a workaholic is a totally new dimension to deal with. There have been various studies being held to understand the concept of workaholism since the past 45 years. The people are able to take their work home with the help of the latest technologies and have been seemed to work round the ... Read More »

Survivor’s guilt: What is it and how to deal with it?

survivor guilt feeling low bad sad

What is survivor’s guilt? Survivor guilt is mainly referred to as Survivor’s syndrome in which an individual suffers through a mental condition in which he or she deals with the after-feeling of a traumatic experience. However, this might seem uncommon to some, but even if you take rationally or irrationally –survivor’s guilt is a very natural phenomenon faced by the ... Read More »

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