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Why You Shouldn’t Burst Firecrackers During Diwali

Firecrackers are synonymous with Diwali celebrations and it’s difficult to imagine the festivities without them. Most of us grew bursting firecrackers every Diwali, and as such it has been ingrained deep within us. However, times have changed and there’s considerable evidence that pollution resulting from bursting firecrackers is harmful for our health. As kids we were unaware, but as adults, ... Read More »

Why You Should Go to Church?

Why You Should Go to Church

These days we are able to find out as well as fully grasp much more about Jesus much more than anything allowing the teachings of his of discipline to revamp as well as shape the life of ours in a honest and better means. Jesus rose out of the old, so we may be sure that death isn’t the end ... Read More »

Iron Box Can Take Your Life

Did you know that around 400 people die on Indian roads every day? This may seem unbelievable, but the harsh reality is that it is true. As per data released by the government, more than 1.5 lakh people were killed on Indian roads in 2016. This is around 4 times the number of road deaths recorded in the United States ... Read More »

Don’t Sell Your Agricultural Land!

Don’t Sell Your Agricultural Land!

As India transitions from a largely agrarian economy to a more broad-based economy comprising manufacturing and services sector, our farmers are faced with numerous challenges. In recent times, many farmers can be seen selling their land to be utilized for commercial purposes such as setting up hotels and restaurants, plants and offices, and residential real estate projects. Farmers are often ... Read More »

Motivational Speaker

importance of Motivation

Some behaviors are fully learned; precisely, society is molding personality in part. We are born with an instinctive baggage, with an organic team; but, culture is shaping our behavior and creating our needs. For example, while in a western city, when we feel hungry we will eat a steak or a fish, or something similar, in China they satisfy hunger ... Read More »

Never allow your fear to limit your vision

keep going motivational story

know how to deal with stress post failure India’s most aspired Civil Services Examination tests lakh of candidates every year on their competency and suitability for the highly responsible Administrative Services and only a handful are selected for the same. Reasons being varied, the first feeling of an aspirant failing at any level of the examination, is – where did ... Read More »

5 Types of Mental Disorder That Ruins Human Nature

mental disorder

While it is critical to work hard at obtaining excellent control, understand that an occasional blood sugar levels that is higher that you want won’t do long-term harm to your child. You might find yourself tests more often, exercising more, consuming more healthily, and experiencing more doctors than you’d ever before thought possible. Sure, it’s hard and frequently annoying work, ... Read More »


power of acceptance

Nothing is so easy as to committing a mistake and nothing is so difficult as to as to accepting it but nothing is so full of pride too when you have accepted what you have done wrong. The inspiration for this article as you already must have guessed from the title and having connected it to the recent happenings in ... Read More »

Do We Get Punished in Our Present Life by Things We’ve Done in Our Past Lives?

punishment in bhagwat gita

The answer is ‘yes’, but the term ‘punishment’ is not the right way to describe it. The term ‘punishment’ is just a word for human understanding. If you look at it from nature’s perspective, it’s more of a cause and effect thing. The universal forces are not ‘punishing’ us; rather, each of our actions has a specific effect, which we ... Read More »

Principles ofthe Bhagavad Gita That Can Change Your Life

what is bhagvat gita newspatrolling

The Bhagavad Gita is sacred to the Hindus, but the teachings and wisdom provided in the book are universal in nature. One of the best things about Bhagavad Gita is that its principles are relevant for every generation and have practical applicability in every sphere of life. Any individual can apply the principles of Bhagavad Gita in their life to ... Read More »

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