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Effective methods to cleanse your body internally

Have you ever thought of not taking a bath for a day or two? Sounds like a bad idea right? But do you know that cleaning our bodies internally is also equally important. We do not get dirty only on the outside. Cleaning your body inside is equally important as keeping it clean outside. Now you would think how can ... Read More »

Improve your focus and concentration like this!

With today’s fast paced lifestyle and busy schedules, we have made ourselves so vulnerable to smallest of small form of disturbance. Be it the mobile phone ring, alarm clock ticking, or any other thing, the process of our thinking gets disturbed. But there are ways through which you can improve your focus and concentration in life. One might feel that ... Read More »

Do we really have freedom of speech in this country?

In a country where citizens inherit socio-cultural intolerance, antifeminism and narrow-mindedness, expecting freedom with respect to speech or any other aspects of an individual’s life will be a long animated delusion. It is a utopian idea formed in a naïf mind. The Constitution of India limits free speech in the country, and at the same time it allows the Indian ... Read More »

Five Yoga poses to keep you healthy this winter

Yoga has been becoming immensely famous since the last decade and its powers have been recognized by the western countries as well. Yoga is not just some sort of regular exercise, rather it leaves your body transformed with higher energy levels, positive thinking, confidence, good health and fill you with love. Winters are here already, and we know how important ... Read More »

Getting into the process of self healing

There is a concept which says that we are all made up of energy and we are self healing. It is not something that hard to believe. We even witness the same in our everyday lives, when we have a small cut or burn on our body. The same way, the inner body also has the power of self-healing. Once ... Read More »

Types of meditation. Choose the best one for you

You must be aware of the fact that meditation brings with itself awesome and long term benefits. Some you might already be in the practice of meditating every day, but those who do not, should start immediately to start reaping the benefits. There are various types of meditation. You should be well aware about these before you start doing it. ... Read More »

The power of yoga and meditation

How so ever happy one may feel on the outside these days, we all have certain sad feelings, disappointments, and other negative thoughts. These negative thoughts mostly prevail over the good ones and leaves our minds and hearts felling low. The only way to win over these negative thoughts is to have a control over what you are thinking; and ... Read More »

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