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Your guide to buy the budget smart phone

In today’s technology-fueled world, smartphones have snaked their way into almost every living moment of human beings. Every day more people are buying smartphones, and the number of options is also increasing. But buying a smartphone is still considered a big deal in India, given that a lot of people spend a substantial part of their income in getting a ... Read More »

Latest advancement on radio diagnosis

Dr. Harsha Chadaga – Senior Consultant and Head of Radiology, Columbia Asia Radiology Group, Columbia Asia Hospitals Radiology has come a long way since the discovery of X-rays in 1895 and now has a central role in better diagnosis and monitoring of patient. The capabilities of medical imaging has seen rapid advancements in the last few decades due to constant ... Read More »

Uses‌ ‌of‌ ‌Galileo‌ ‌Thermometer‌ ‌and‌ ‌Storm‌ ‌Glass:‌ ‌Then‌ ‌ vs‌ ‌Now‌

The Galileo thermometer was an invention of the 16th century whose principles were derived by Galileo Galilei, a great physician of that century. The thermometer was invented to check the temperature of the outside environment of the sealed glass tube. The glass tube consists of water and some dissimilar bubbles in it. All the bubbles have a tag on it ... Read More »

How to Become a Vlogging Sensation on YouTube in 2020?

YouTube has made it easy to meet a vast audience and be your own brand in the online media. Starting vlogging does not in itself require much: a decent video camera on your mobile and essential camera accessories would be necessary. Huge numbers of people, by vlogging, are making lots of money. Globally, YouTube has 1.9 billion subscribers who stream ... Read More »

Wi-Fi 6: India Gears Up for the Next Generation of Wi-Fi Technology

With much of the country being on lockdown in the past few months due to the ongoing pandemic, by now you must be aware of the importance of Internet and Wi-Fi devices. Many of us didn’t realize the significance of having a strong Wi-Fi device in our home up till now, but today in the world we live in, it ... Read More »

Benefits of Bluetooth Headphones that make them a Stellar Purchase

jpb speaker

Wired headphones are insane, but at the same time, you should also check out Bluetooth headphones. Many people have an opinion that they don’t have the same sound quality as the one that their wired counterparts have. But, the mode of connectivity has nothing to do with sound quality. It’s about the codec set used, which comprises bass, treble, and ... Read More »

Some Easy Steps to Setup the Netgear

If you really want uninterrupted HD streaming videos and smoother PlayStation gaming, go on for Super Netgear Orbi Mesh Wi-Fi System. Although setting up Netgear orbi wifi 6 is very easy but still many users from non-technical background are fighting a war with matters like “why my orbi satellite not connecting” or “why orbi satellite keeps disconnecting”? Today in this ... Read More »

Read this before Starting out with Macro Photography 

Canon C200 Camera

The emergence of digital imaging has wiped away one of image capture’s most difficult problems: how to film macro without a bunch of specialized gears. Now in the venture of taking photos, you can get down, messy and close and render macro the modern way with a performance rate of 100 percent. In the days of film, to capture macro ... Read More »

Best Apps for Virtual Phone System Needs

If you are attached to landlines in a work area, conventional telephone frameworks do not fit how we work today. In case you are not in the workplace—for a gathering or because you work distantly—in what capacity you will answer a work area telephone? Smartphones fixed this issue for individual calls. The highest distinction between a customary cellphone and the ... Read More »

5 Major Advantages Of Mobile Applications In Healthcare Sector

The world has shifted its interest from visiting the doctors physically to consulting them via the internet at an incredibly fast pace. The evolution of mobile apps in healthcare sector has based the whole doctor-patient consultation criteria by eradicating the need for personal visits by a huge margin and introducing the treatment methods with the help of simple mobile applications ... Read More »

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