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502 Bad Gateway Error

In this article, we will explain what is a 502 bad gateway error on WordPress Website and how can you fix it. The 502 Bad Gateway errors is an HTTP status code that displays inside the web pages. Whether you are a user or a developer, you need to consider the 502 bad gateway error on WordPress Website and how to fix it. We ... Read More »

Don’t Ignore the Sound Quality While Recording Videos and Vlogs


If you have a powerful camera, you definitely want to put it to good use. We often relate the quality of a video to the frame rates offered by the camera. While frame rate and speed of capturing are utterly critical when you want to simply take the video of the scenes in front of you without any sound, the ... Read More »

Capture from all Angles with the help of All-in-one Camera Lenses

Camera lenses have paved the path for a new dimension of photography. They have the power to capture shots that the default camera setup cannot click with the same accuracy and sharpness. With the help of camera lenses, you can take up-close macro shots as deep as the stomata lines of a leaf and on the other hand, you can ... Read More »

What Are Web Design and Web Programming?

In order to be a web designer, you need to know what web design is. Once you learn more about this subject, you will be able to tackle any problem that comes your way, like how to create an SEO friendly website or developing a website for mass distribution. Web design consists of graphic designing and web scripting. These two ... Read More »

Spare Batteries and Extra Memory Cards – The Unsung Heroes of Photography

Beautiful sceneries and soothing sights are often captured in your camera. The photos you click symbolize the moment, and it becomes a permanent memory that’ll be with you throughout your life. But many times, you have to skip the much-awaited photo session because your camera’s battery life didn’t help your cause. And in some cases, the dreaded “memory full” message ... Read More »

Best Parental control software in 2020

Over the years digital parenting has become an integral part of a parent’s life. They have to guide and control their children’s activities on the web using digital devices like cellphones, tablets, PC, and other computing devices connected to cyberspace. However, it seems impossible for parents all the time to know what children are doing on their computer and mobile ... Read More »

What is VPS hosting used for – Everything You Need to Know About VPS

There are different types of web hosting services available to host your website on the internet. Before signing up for a web hosting account, it is vital to understand what kind of service your site needs. If you’re starting a new website, it’s common to have some questions about web hosting. Choosing the wrong web hosting type can create problems ... Read More »

What is the difference between Android and Android One?

What is Android One? Many people do not know about it. And many people are not fully aware of it. There are many different things about Android One. But only a few people have complete information about it, but today we will tell you about Android One in this post. And it comes with Qin Qin. Along with this, what ... Read More »

Mobile Accessories Must-Haves for Students

Did it ever occur to you that there was a time you bought mobile accessories just because you wanted them not because you needed them? Times have changed, and I, too, am guilty of this. For today’s article, we are going to talk about the latest must-haves for students who are always on the go. Before you tap that “add ... Read More »

Tripod – Here’s Why You Need to have One for Your Setup

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Tripods are a fantastic tool to have and can support you a lot with your passion for photography. There are currently several tripods commercially available in various shapes and sizes, from modular to full-size devices. Tripods are available in a range of textures from aluminium to carbon fibre to fit all sorts of budgets. With modern cameras’ aperture Priority functionality ... Read More »

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