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Top 5 Softwares that were meant to do good but were used for harm

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Technology can be considered good or evil depending upon how people use it. A technology that ensures security and privacy for some people can be also used for conducting illegal transactions. The rate of technological advance has made easier for people to apply it for both- good and ill. Listed below are some of the Softwares that were designed to ... Read More »

How to make a robot at home using waste material?

Ever thought that discarded materials could be used to make projects for your kids? The waste materials you have been throwing in the garbage can be used to make a robot for your child. Here is how you can do it: Items required A base to hold all the things together. For the base, waste materials such as cardboard, plastic ... Read More »

Face, Fingerprint, PIN or Password – Which Is Most Secure?

As smartphones store our private data and have access to our bank accounts and digital wallets, it has become imperative that we take steps to safeguard these devices. Present day smartphones come with multiple security options such as face unlock, fingerprint unlock, PIN, pattern and password. So, which one is the best? Well, to answer that question, let’s analyze each ... Read More »

How To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

A mid-range to top-spec laptop requires significant investment, which is why we expect it to last longer. These laptops are not something most of us can afford to replace every year. The average lifespan of a laptop is around 4-5 years, but if you take proper care, you can extend its lifespan further. Here are some tips and suggestions that ... Read More »

Most Popular Gadgets In 2019

shopping gadgets

You may want to buy the latest electronic gadgets, but it is possible that you are not sure exactly which one to purchase. If that is the case, you need to look at the most popular gadgets in 2019. It will give you a proper idea about what all you can buy and options that you can consider. To help ... Read More »

How To Speed Up Your Android Smartphone

As you may have noticed, smartphones tend to get slower with time. Newer versions of Android OS such as Android Pie and Android 10 have inbuilt features to boost RAM and clear junk files. However, such functions are not available with earlier versions of Android, which most people are using currently. If your Android phone has slowed down, here are ... Read More »

The Role of Data Science in the Gaming Industry


Did you know that more than a fourth of the world’s population comprises of ‘players’? These players belong to the gaming industry, which makes over $20 billion in annual revenue just in United States of America; that is about 2.5 times the movie industry and growing! While most industries have advanced with technology, growth in the gaming industry has been ... Read More »

How can you fix the iPhone’s personal hotspot from going slow?

Speaking of fixing iPhone’s hotspot, let’s first understand what it is. So, the personal hotspot is a VPN app specifically designed to share your cellular data with other devices. But often the usage of Hotspot restricts the user from experiencing high-speed internet services. Not only it’s frustrating, but also it affects your efficiency, especially when working on tight schedules. Without ... Read More »

What Is Li-Fi?

Short for Light Fidelity, Li-Fi refers to the technology of using light to transfer data between devices. While Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) has become the mainstay of wireless communications in the present era, Li-Fi’s full potential is yet to be unlocked. While Wi-Fi utilizes radio waves to transmit data, Li-Fi uses visible light, infrared and ultraviolet light to achieve data communications. ... Read More »

Android 10 – What’s New

Android 10 has already reached Google Pixel devices and some other top-end phones. In the coming months, many other smartphones will get Android 10. Several new phones will come pre-installed with Android 10 whereas many others will be updated to Android 10. To know what’s in store, here’s a quick overview of all that’s new and exciting in Android 10. ... Read More »

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