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Which Is World’s Biggest Semiconductor Company?

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, there’s currently a global shortage of semiconductors. These are essentially small electric conductors, also referred to as chips. Semiconductors are widely used across electric and electronic devices. They are there inside cars, planes, computers, smartphones, Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, appliances, medical devices and various other products, parts and components. Semiconductors are essentially the key to technology ... Read More »

Do 5G Plans Cost More Than 4G?

5G is being rolled out globally at a fast pace. In a few years’ time, it is expected to be available in most parts of the world. 5G is tested to be several times faster than current 4G network. So, will consumers have to pay more for a faster network? Well, the answer to that will depend on various factors ... Read More »

5 Hacks for Building a Secure Cloud Infrastructure for Strong Data Protection

By Vikas Bhonsle CEO Crayon Software Experts India In a hurry to migrate to a cloud-based infrastructure, many companies overlook the importance of building a full-proof data security and protection plan. This situation is later exploited by cybercriminals who are always on the lookout to breach fragile and vulnerable networks and steal crucial data. Here are some methods through which ... Read More »

Managed Router services for Organizations:

As networking technology becomes complex day by day, companies are working to improve productivity & reduce the cost of ownership by managing roaming & other managed network services. A router connects multiple computers to the Internet through a single computer. The route also controls data systems and sends detailed information to any computer on the Internet. You can use a ... Read More »

How to Choose the Right Storage Facility?

It is simple to select a storage facility. Choosing the best storage facility is a little more complicated. Storage is in high demand, and storage suppliers are working hard to satisfy this need. Moving, remodeling, marriage, downsizing, and starting a new company is just a few examples of life events that necessitate the need for more storage space. Typically, you ... Read More »

Cloud Cost Management – 6 Actionable Steps to Lower Your Cloud Spend

By Rajendra Chitale CFO Crayon Software Experts India Most of the time, IT departments are anxious about their increasing cloud cost, especially when they are working with AWS, Azure, or GCP on a daily basis. The best way to eradicate this problem is to have a strict practice of cost management for every single resource created in the public cloud. ... Read More »

What is an external hard drive?

It doesn’t take long for your PC to top off, so an outer drive can give the additional room expected to assist with putting away the entirety of your computerized content. With the increment in the quantity of cloud-based capacity arrangements now accessible in the present market, we needed to examine how an outer hard drive actually has a few ... Read More »

Why Windows Phone Failed?

The creator of the most widely used operating system for PCs and laptops, Microsoft was expected to deliver similar results in smartphone business. However, as it has turned out, Microsoft has lost that race to Apple iOS and Google Android. Microsoft Windows phones were quite good in terms of performance and even had a stylish and unique UI. So, why ... Read More »

Hackers Are Laying Siege to Critical Infrastructure: Here’s How to Fight Back

By Nikhil Korgaonkar, Regional Director, Arcserve India & SAARC Critical infrastructure is vital for the proper functioning of our society and economy. It is almost impossible to imagine life without a robust network of hospitals, airports, power utilities, and schools. While many people may take these services for granted, you can be sure that cyber attackers understand how dependent we ... Read More »

Can You Make Gold In A Lab?

For hundreds of years, people from all walks of life have been thinking about creating gold from other elements and materials. Gold has been an invaluable commodity ever since it was first discovered by humans. Some of the golden artifacts found by archeologists have been dated back to fifth millennium BC. In nature, gold is usually present in the form ... Read More »

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