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How to fix Quickbooks Error 1085

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QuickBooks error 1085 error affects users of QuickBooks company solutions. A customer can face QuickBooks internet Connector error while he or she is establishing a QB enterprise solution or during start his or her computer. Quickbooks Error 1085 Web Connector is used by the QuickBooks pro advisor accounting software for connecting to net-based totally packages. QuickBooks web Connector is well ... Read More »

Computer accessories that will enhance your computing experience!!!

Spending money on all sorts of computer accessories is a good option to enhance your computer using experience. From Bluetooth enabled toothbrushes to toasters that print your selfie, there are hundreds of computer accessories are available there that you can buy. You should choose the right one that will make your entire computer using experience smoother and efficient. Do computer ... Read More »

How does a USB card reader work?

The SD card that you use cannot be connected to your laptop or computer directly. Therefore, to have access to all the files stored on your SD card, you will require a USB card reader. Read on this article to have an in-depth view about what a USB card reader is and how does that work. What is a USB ... Read More »

Why hybrid app development is considered better than multi-platform apps?

When talking about multi-platform and hybrid apps, you need to consider several facts that come into play along with the needs of the brand. In general, hybrid applications are developed with the use of codes that can later be customized as per the need of a given OS as the app launches. While the multi-platform apps are great and can ... Read More »

An interactive AI-driven dialogue brought to life real time sentiment analysis of 20 students from 4 countries on FramerSpace, UNESCO MGIEP’s digital learning platform  

Experts collaborate to deliberate on foundational guidelines for the use of AI and Social-Emotional Learning in Education New Delhi, India | Feb 06, 2020: The UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) brought together experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) in education, through ... Read More »

Everything you need to know about Platinum Li-ion Batteries

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The discovery of non-rechargeable Lithium batteries dates back to 1970, which could be used for all sorts of commercial purposes. After which several attempts were made in the 1980s for the discovery of the rechargeable ones, which miserably failed due to the inability to find a suitable anode that would be stable enough when combined with Lithium metal. Due to ... Read More »

How does a tripod helps in clicking perfect pictures?

If you are an ace photographer, you must know how essential a tripod could be in capturing the ideal picture. You need just to spend a few seconds and the tripod stand would be set up and all ready to be used. The tripod will help you in positioning your camera in a perfect position and take pictures from all ... Read More »

Custom-Built vs. Pre-Built: What PC to Choose?


If you think it’s about time to get a new desktop PC, you need to consider the countless options that are out there. The configuration diversity you can find in desktop computers is both an upside but also a downside when it comes to choosing one. However, you have two main options when looking for a new PC. You can ... Read More »

How do the wireless chargers work?

Wireless chargers have been around in the market for quite some time. With time, it has only got better and faster. More & more people are adopting the use of this technology with virtually every smartphone designed to support the same. High-end Samsung smartphones have supported wireless chargers since the release of Galaxy S6, while Huawei introduced this feature with ... Read More »

Bluetooth Technology: Changes That Occurred through History

At some point or the other, we have all used gadgets or devices that depend on Bluetooth services. Whether it is a headset or fitness gadget, Bluetooth has always been beneficial when it comes to ease-of-use. In the past few years, the technology that defines Bluetooth services has significantly evolved. Today, it is a part of almost every electronic gadget, ... Read More »

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