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CBI grills Delhi Minister Satyendra Jain for 8 hours in money laundering case

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) today grilled Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain for 8 long hours in connection with an alleged money laundering case. It may be recalled that the CBI had initiated a probe against Satyendra a few weeks back after it was alleged that he was involved in laundering Rs 4.6 crore by utilizing shell companies. As part of the preliminary inquiry being conducted by CBI, Satyendra was called to the CBI’s headquarters today at 11 am. He was grilled for nearly 8 hours and after he came out, he refused to talk to the media that was waiting for him outside.

Sources said that the CBI is not too convinced with the answers provided by Satyendra Jain. It is possible that CBI may soon convert the preliminary inquiry into a regular case, after it collects the required evidence. A formal complaint or FIR can be filed only after CBI establishes the fact that the offense was in fact committed by the accused.

The allegation against Jain is that he laundered money by utilizing his connections with a group of people based in Kolkata. It was alleged that Jain made use of shell companies to launder the money. The alleged modus operandi involved the purchase of shares at inflated price, and then utilize the profits to buy agricultural land in Delhi, which was valued at Rs 27.69 crore.

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