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CBI inquiry possible in Ryan school student murder case

It’s been two days since the brutal murder of 7-year-old class II student of Ryan International School in Gurugram. Now, various parents groups are demanding that a parallel investigation should be conducted by the CBI. It may be recalled that the police have already arrested the bus conductor Ashok Kumar, who has been accused of murdering the child. The police said that Kumar had also confessed to him crime. Kumar has confessed that he was using the school’s toilet when the 2-year old kid came into the toilet. Kumar tried to sexually molest the child, but when he protested Kumar killed him. However, parents associations are now saying that they are not satisfied with the current investigations being carried out by the police.

Parents associations are saying that the police may be trying to frame the bus conductor and that some other people may be involved in the murder of the 2-year old kid. Parents said that until they know what exactly happened and who all were involved in the murder, they will have to face the constant fear that such incidences may occur again. Parents are worried about the safety of their children, which is why they have demanded a CBI probe. Meanwhile, Haryana Education Minister Ram Bilas Sharma said today that the state is ready to conduct investigation by any agency if the parents are not satisfied. He added that action would also be taken against the school’s management since it’s their responsibility to ensure the safety of kids.

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