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Central Govt Minister asks for Dalit reservation in Cricket team

athawale_chunkUnion Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment, Shri Ramdas Athavale has asked for a reservation for Dalits in the Indian Cricket team. He was quoted saying that the Indian Cricket team loses many times and a quota for Dalits was needed to help the team win again and again.

He likened the performance on the Indian team under Virat Kohli to the performance of the Government under Narendra Modi. He mentioned that at the moment Virat Kohli’s team is performing like Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s team.

Congress’ Panna Lal Punia criticized the Minister’ statement and said that support may be given to Dalit players, but the final selection should depend on merit and the talent of a player. He said that just like reservation in education, there can be no guarantee that a student becomes an engineer or a doctor, it is on the basis of the student’s hard work that he can clear exams to become an engineer or a doctor.

Another Congress leader Jesudasu Selam however backed the Minister’s proposal and said that having 2 members out of 12 to be Dalit would not harm the team in any way. A couple of days earlier, BJP MP from North West Delhi, Udit Raj had also asked for reservations for Dalits in the Indian Cricket team.

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