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Central team finds no evidence of lack of oxygen for deaths of children in Gorakhpur

After Yogi Adityanath government repeatedly said that lack of oxygen was not the cause of deaths of children in Gorakhpur hospital, it appeared that no one was willing to believe them. However, a central government team that visited the hospital and checked the medical records has also found that the deaths of children at Gorakhpur hospital cannot be linked to lack of oxygen. This proves that the issue is just being used by opposition parties to gain political mileage. The central team also found more children had died in the previous month than this month. It is now quite clear that opposition parties are using the deaths of children as an opportunity to target the government.

The central team that visited the Gorakhpur hospital comprised three members. It has rejected the theory that the children died due to lack of oxygen. Harish Chailani, who is one of the central team members, and heads the Pediatrics Wing at Delhi’s Safdarjung Hospital said, “This is a special care hospital where these cases are coming thick. When we looked into the data and case sheet we really didn’t find that actually…Other pre-existent conditions were there.”

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