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CET kicks off with moderate Biology paper and easy Mathematics

Dr. Sridhar G, Founder, Deeksha Network

The day one CET exam saw no changes in both the papers as compared to last year. Biology was moderate and decent and Mathematics was easy.

The day for CET aspirants started with a moderate Biology and easy Mathematics in the afternoon session.  Students came out with mixed reactions, as this year’s biology paper was a little moderate with few tricky questions. Questions were fully based on the NCERT syllabus.

In the Biology paper there were 50 Easy level questions, 8 moderate level and 2 difficult & tricky questions. An average student can score between 35 and 40 marks. While there were no out of syllabus questions, the standard of the paper has been maintained the same as last year, said Dr. Sridhar G, Founder, Deeksha Network

“Paper was good. I am expecting to score above 50. There were no mistakes in the paper, but I had to concentrate on each question little more as it was not very direct”, said, Arif A, student of Deeksha Network

Lokesh G, student of Deeksha Network said, “Biology paper was pretty good. But I think just text book did not help. I could have cracked full paper if I had referred NCERT book thoroughly. I am expecting close to 45 or so.”

The Mathematics gave aspirants an easy breather by the end of the day. The paper was easy and there were mostly straight forward questions. Student who has fully prepared can score full marks. There were 42 Easy level questions, 12 medium level and 6 difficult questions. There were no out of syllabus question and the paper was quite easy compared to the last year’s paper.

There were no changes in the pattern compared to last year and around 70%of the questions were easy. Keeping this in mind, we can say that there has not really been an increase in the standard of the paper, said Dr. Sridhar G, Founder, Deeksha Network

Rakshit B V, student of Deeksha Network said, “It was a very easy paper. I could complete all the questions. Most of the questions were from PU text book. I might score between 45 and 50.”

Kavya, student of Deeksha Network said, “The Biology paper was not lengthy. It was easy and we had to prepare well for this kind of paper. Just hoping other papers too will go smooth. I am expecting close to 55.” She also added saying, “The Maths paper was pretty easy and direct.”

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