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Characters of an Individual has link with the cousin brothers and sisters

Vinay is an city guy he had love failure and he couldn’t able to forget the girl at the mean time he married another girl.he couldn’t able to find the physical fitness of the girl friend in the married girl and due to that he did not accept his wife.he felt that her colour complexion and structure did not attract him so he insults his wife infront of his parents.he don’t know that inbetween four walls he should do but not between his parents.his parents also not controlled him they want to know their personal life and get happy so they try to ask their son or daughter in law.why this individual character is like this.his mother and sister always command others structure and complexion because they don’t have fair colour complexion then in studies they were low and so they command her.she is intelligent then they both so they command her.vinay is dull in studies and his colour complexion as well as studies is also dull then his structure is also not fine as city guy he try to groom and follow style in his dressing but his look wont be fine so he create complex in his wife because in everything she got mark higher than him.His cousin brother ebby also similar to vinay not having good structure and colour complexion and studies aswell as having love failure and then talking with many girls like vinay.then merlie ,sherlie cousin sisters of vinay also dull in studies aswell they have love failure and not having good colour complexion.then vinay got separated from his wife and try to do second marriage.his father’s elder brother son jeyakar did second marriage only then his uncle daughter also not living with their husband.then another uncle daughter somiya having love affair with the guy in church.In comman all his cousin brother and sister having stubborn nature and not feeling the true nature of others.they don’t have decision making skills and they think their family is higher status but they don’t live happily and among this any one live happily they create problem with other one in jealous.Ramya if she gone to other home if she find anything costly or she heard any happy incident or sad moment happen in others home she inform in her  parents home and create trouble for her cousin brothers and this happen if we look earlier generation also there is characters similar that come in next generation also.vinay father and other brothers did fraud and got all the money and properties of their elder brother.vinay  father’s younger brother rajamani had second marriage and same way vinay is also going to do.then vinay cousin sister angel for her first marriage was fixed and cancelled before the days of marriage.likewise vinay life four engament happened and cancelled this also linked with his cousins.another one cousin had an different nature of smelling the hair of his mother same way vinay is also having the same character but in different way of helping mother in wearing saree.vinay is separate from his wife and his cousin brother and sisters did not advice him to live with wife instead they give him advice to give her divorce because they feel that intelligent girl should not be there in his life.vinay mother always pray for 24 hours but not truely so that god not given holly spirit they believe in false pastors and when they came home they serve like slaves and got advice from them who is getting all the money from them,this spiritual binding also similar with other relatives in family.then they believe servants and tell everything to them even though they know that she is telling outside same way other family members also do like this.when looking on all the issues there is psychological relationship happen in all the individuals of the family there is correlation similarity happen between the individuals.many will not believe in horoscope or tarot reading or past life analysis earlier generation if some one were behaving in abnormal manner they say mental but at present they were having knowledge of counselling to get rid of it.but this family have similar characters some have to get rid and also some issues need psychological counselling but it was not noticed and generation after generation there nature and attitude is not positive.

By: Nithya moses

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